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Avg hourly rate
Straight North
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
50% Search Engine Optimization
Avg hourly rate $100.00 - $149.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
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Location Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
75% Search Engine Optimization
Nectarbits Pvt Ltd
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New york, New York, United States
5% Search Engine Optimization
Digital Third Coast
Avg hourly rate $151.00 - $200.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
35% Search Engine Optimization
Thrive Internet Marketing
Avg hourly rate $200.00 - $300.00/hr
Employees 10 - 49
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location S Bowen Rd Arlington, Texas, United States
60% Search Engine Optimization
Coalition Technologies
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 50 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Culver City, California, United States
60% Search Engine Optimization
Actuate Media
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 0 - 10
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Seattle, Washington, United States
40% Search Engine Optimization
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
5.0/5.0 1 users
Location Brampton, Ontario, Canada
1% Search Engine Optimization
Auxesis Infotech
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
5.0/5.0 5 users
Location London, London, United Kingdom
5% Search Engine Optimization
SEO Discovery
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 50 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Punjab, Punjab, India
75% Search Engine Optimization
97 Switch
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Chicago, Illinois, United States
25% Search Engine Optimization
SEO Experts India
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 50 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Chandigarh, Punjab, India
30% Search Engine Optimization
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
10% Search Engine Optimization
Bruce Clay Inc
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Simi Valley, California, United States
60% Search Engine Optimization
DAGMAR Marketing
Avg hourly rate $100.00 - $149.00/hr
Employees 10 - 49
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Jacksonville, Florida, United States
55% Search Engine Optimization
Lead to Conversion
Avg hourly rate $100.00 - $149.00/hr
Employees 10 - 49
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Hudson, New York, United States
40% Search Engine Optimization
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $49.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
80% Search Engine Optimization
97th Floor
Avg hourly rate $150.00 - $199.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Lehi, Utah, United States
30% Search Engine Optimization
Wisdek Corp
Avg hourly rate $50.00 - $99.00/hr
Employees 10 - 49
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Richmond Hill, Santiago del Estero, Algeria
50% Search Engine Optimization
Aumcore llc
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 10 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New York, New York, United States
20% Search Engine Optimization
Universal Stream Solution LLC
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Atlanta, Georgia, United States
10% Search Engine Optimization
Navitas Marketing
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Trooper, Pennsylvania, United States
5% Search Engine Optimization
Blue Sky Marketing
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Houston, Texas, United States
20% Search Engine Optimization
Mosaic Strategies Group
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 0 - 10
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States
10% Search Engine Optimization
3Q Digital
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 251 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location San Mateo, California, United States
10% Search Engine Optimization

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How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search and Featured Snippets

Voice search has been a hot topic for a few years now, but digital marketers are still trying to figure out the best way to take advantage of it.

While most digital marketers have a basic understanding of SEO, voice search is a more complicated issue.

First, how do we know if it is worth investing our time and resources into it?

We’ve seen well-publicized stats:

  •     Nearly 40 million Americans were said to own a smart speaker back in 2018, and new technology adoption is the driving source behind voice search growth.
  •     By 2020, as much as one-third of web browsing was predicted to be screenless (this prediction is a few years old, but we have one year to see if it’s true).
  •     According to Google, 20% of mobile queries were voice search back in 2016.

How to Increase Website Page Speed and Maximize Conversions

Increasing website page speed is one of the biggest challenges marketers face. It’s too technical for marketers to appreciate the work scope, yet it’s crucial for almost all aspects of marketing performance.

Over the years, it has become abundantly clear that there is a direct correlation between page speed, bounce rate and visitor retention. Furthermore, Google’s official statement is that page speed is part of its ranking algorithm (and, hence, helps or hinders your online visibility).

Monitoring and improving website page speed should be the highest priority for any website.

Let’s look at just a few numbers:

Impact on on-page engagement: Sites that load in 5 seconds (compared to those that load in 19 seconds) see 70% longer average sessions.

SEO Trends for 2020: How to Get on Top of Google Search

SEO is one of the youngest marketing disciplines out there, and it’s also incredibly fast-paced. It looks almost nothing like what it did when we started.

While the fundamental principle remains the same —SEO is about making websites easy to find and understand — the tactics involved are very different than they were 15, 5, and even 1 year ago

So what are the most important SEO trends for 2020 and how can you implement them?

Here’s what you should know for 2020, as well as key steps for implementing these trends and tactics.

5 Keys to Building a Strong Brand Reputation in Search

"If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”

The statement is more true today than ever, with brands built and broken in a matter of tweets. Make no mistake, brand reputation is breakable, and it needs to be maintained. Your business reputation is one of the most significant factors dictating your ultimate success.

That’s why it's essential to protect your brand awareness at all cost. With a little common sense and effort, you can get it right.

Here are some key brand awareness and management tips to help improve your online marketing performance.

6 Website Optimization Tools for Explosive Business Growth [Infographic]

Are you getting the most out of your business website? Do you want to discover the best tools you can use to ensure optimal site performance, and maximum traffic?

The team from WebFX recently shared some essential SEO and website performance tool tips, which Red Website Design has converted into the below infographic.

The tools listed can each help in varying aspects to detect and improve website errors. Used in combination, you can stay on top of potential problems, and get the most out of your content.

Check out the infographic below for more detail.

Ecommerce SEO Services: What They Are and What You Need

When you consider which method of bringing people to your eCommerce business can net you the greatest ROI, which sounds like the most likely champion? Conducting a digital marketing campaign may seem like the obvious answer. After all, the whole purpose is to get your business’s name out there and hammer random users with the benefits.

However, there is another method that requires even less investment and can bring even greater returns: search engine optimization, or SEO. With the right tools and the skills to use them, you can boost the number of visitors to your site, experience serious growth, and leap over your competitors. Any entrepreneur, whether new or experienced, can only benefit from an education on this practice. Here is some information on eCommerce SEO services.

How Video Can Help Your SEO Strategy

The original version of this post was written by the ridiculously talented Stephanie Briggs. Although it has been updated heavily it’s incredible how much of the original information still rings true. To keep up to date with her current goings-on, head over to Briggsby.

Many content marketers view “promotion” as a phase that begins once content goes live. The truth is, promotion should begin much earlier than that, running parallel to production, and most of the promotion work should be completed before launch.

What good looks like when it comes to effective SEO auditing

You can learn a lot about a prospective SEO agency from assessing the audits they produce. It’s a fundamental deliverable, almost universally executed at the beginning of an ongoing campaign, that – alongside a strategy project – should dictate the roadmap for future activities.

How to use Google advanced search operators to find indexation and technical SEO issues

We SEOs like our tools. Each one is instrumental in uncovering aspects of a site we might not have thought about or trawl information that would take years to do manually. One of the best tools, however, is often underutilised: Google itself.

Google has the advantage of not only being free but storing exactly which of your site’s URLs (and competitors) are indexed. With a little persuasion, SERPs reveal all of their knowledge to execute tasks such as competitor research, content analysis and technical auditing.

An SEO’s guide to duplicate content

How to identify, diagnose and resolve duplicate content issues on your site to improve your performance in organic search.

14 Lovely SEO Tips for Valentine’s Day

It’s that time of the year when everybody is feeling deeply in love and thinking about presents and plans for Valentine’s Day. On this special occasion, we thought that a few SEO tips can really help both business owners to get more clients and customers, to buy the perfect gift for the beloved person.

A true love story doesn’t work without its successful ingredients. Same goes with SEO and UX – which is a true love story, SEO & content writing, SEO & PPC, SEO & social media. Different love stories, all bound to succeed if there’s commitment, honesty, transparency and hard work.

Technical SEO Checklist – The Roadmap to a Complete Technical SEO Audit

While technical SEO is a topic that only some of us make use of rigorously, it is a part of everybody’s life. Well, which part of SEO is not technical if we were to look at it thoroughly?

SEO issues, mistakes, tips and recommendations are all included in today’s technical checklist. We wanted to cover, in the most effective way possible, all the elements that are important for making your website user-friendly, efficient, visible in SERP, functional and easy to understand. Therefore, gather all the information you have on your site and let’s get better.

21 Easy to Implement SEO Actions That Can Improve Your Rankings Big Time

To many people SEO seems like something really hard to do, which also takes a lot of time. While mostly that’s true, it’s also true that there are some small SEO actions you can perform that can have a big impact on your rankings.

In this post, we’ve gathered 21 things you can do to improve your SEO. Most of them are easy to implement, but we’re trying to focus more on the ratio between the effort and the results. So, if something seems harder to do, it will also have a greater impact.

Are Web Directories Still Relevant for SEO in 2019?

Web Directories have been the norm for the world wide web and for search engine optimization for a long time. But are they still relevant in this age of advanced AI Google Updates?

Well, as Head of Web SPAM at Google John Mueller said, “in general, no”. But the key words in that answer are “in general”. That’s the usual answer we get from John and, as much as we’d like to say we will dissect it, the truth is that we can only be speculating and interpreting things based on own knowledge and experience.

Best Internal Linking Structure & Strategy to Boost Your SEO

It’s interesting for me to see that even experienced SEO specialists forget about the power of internal linking. As backlinks from other websites become harder and harder to obtain (because people focus on the wrong techniques), using an internal linking strategy with the right combination of anchor texts can bring great SEO results.

Best Free SEO Tools to Help You Improve Your Rankings in 2019

If you’re just getting started with SEO, I’m pretty confident you’re looking to get everything for free. While that’s not always possible, the truth is that there are a lot of great free SEO Tools out there.

To be honest, there are free tools that even the pros use every single day. And that’s happening for a good reason: some free SEO tools are great.

How Duplicate Content Affects SEO & Google Rankings

Intentional or unintentional, be it plagiarism or bad technical implementation, duplicate content is an issue that is affecting millions of websites around the web. If you’ve wondered what content duplication is exactly and how it affects SEO and Google rankings, then you’re in the right place.

Whether you think your site is affected by this issue or just want to learn about it, in this article you will find everything you need to know about duplicate content. From what it is to how you can fix it in specific cases, here you have it all, so keep reading.

How to Do SEO for Bing and Increase Your Organic Traffic with 24.7%

When we talk about SEO, usually all our focus goes to Google. But what about SEO for Bing or Yahoo? Is that something you need to miss out?! The short answer is no, and we’ll let you know why and how you can actually increase your rankings & get more traffic from Microsoft’s search engine, Bing.

With Google being so volatile, Bing seems a constant and valuable source of traffic with a rich source of data. Lots of people overlook it and miss a lot of audience and conversions.

7 Methods to Research & Analyze Your Audience for SEO

SEO isn’t just about the numbers (i.e., keyword ranking positions, number of backlinks, traffic, etc.). It is also about understanding the audience and building an SEO campaign around that information.

11 Ways to Increase User Engagement & Why It Matters for SEO

Most SEO professionals know how important user engagement is to their success. Without searchers coming to our sites and taking action in some way, chances are our place in the SERPs would drop.

Search engines’ main goals include giving the user the best answers to what users are looking for.

The Top 15 Free SEO Tools You Should Be Using

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more important today than ever before. New trends (e.g., the rise of voice search, the AI revolution) mean that if you want to stay afloat today, you need to up your SEO game.

If you’re looking to get started with SEO or want to achieve better results with minimal financial investment, here are the 15 best free SEO tools to use.

How to Leverage User-Generated Content to Boost Your Ecommerce SEO

To drive more sales, ecommerce businesses first need to rise to the top of both paid and organic search results and earn lots of high-quality traffic.

Between creating the right bidding strategies, segmenting your audiences, and showcasing effective content to bring more shoppers to your store, selling your ecommerce brand on search can quickly get complicated.

10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors You Need to Know

Succeeding in organic search today requires optimizing for a combination of factors that search engines consider important – technical, on-page and off-page.

Over the years, we’ve seen increased focus toward off-page techniques – such as link building – and other technical elements.

Google Shares Top 3 SEO Factors

Google’s SEO Myth Busters episode #1 recently debuted. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, Martin Splitt, answered what the top 3 SEO factors are to focus on. Near the end of show, Martin answered an unexpected and shocking question that was asked by the guest.

How Search Engines Answer Questions

The primary goal of a search engine is to help users complete a task (and, of course, to sell advertising).

Sometimes that task can involve acquiring complex information. Sometimes the user simply needs a single answer to a question.

In this article, you’ll learn how search engines determine which category a query falls into and then how they determine the answer.

Anatomy of a Webpage: How to Maximize SEO Impact

SEO depends on search engines understanding your content so they can determine where it should rank. While they’re constantly improving, they still have a long way to go.

It’s our job to help them better understand exactly what our content is about so it will rank better and receive more organic traffic.

How to Use Archived Versions of Websites for SEO Troubleshooting

In 2001, a nonprofit named the Internet Archive launched a new tool called the Wayback Machine on the URL:

The mission of the Internet Archive was to build a digital library of the Internet’s history, much the same way paper copies of newspapers are saved in perpetuity.

5 Trends to Know in SEO & Content Marketing

What’s trending in content marketing and SEO these days?

Let’s say this: Content is more important than ever.

More specifically, quality, media type, authenticity, and audience targeting all come into play if you want to win with readers and Google.

Ready to learn more?

Make Your Site Search Better: Suggest the Most Successful Keywords

Everyone uses search, and we are all familiar with keyword suggestions. Variously known as autosuggest, autocomplete, or type-ahead, regardless of the name, it does the same thing – assist the searcher in typing a search keyword.

6 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools

The idea that SEO tools are useful for SEO isn’t anything groundbreaking. Most marketers know that knowledge is power and that one’s SEO knowledge is only as strong as the data it’s built on.

Having access to accurate, reliable, easy-to-use SEO tools will only make your SEO strategy stronger. You’ll gain invaluable insights into not only how your own site is performing, but also what your competitors are doing in their SEO efforts.

The Ultimate Guide to Selling SEO

You’ve got yourself an awesome product. You’re ready to roll it out to your customers. You even have the perfect prospect to kick off your SEO sales. You know they’re ready to improve their online presence. So you’ve got a great pitch, you wind up, and it doesn’t go nearly as well as you’d hoped.

How to run Screaming Frog SEO Spider in the cloud in 2019

Advanced technical SEO is not without its challenges, but luckily there are many tools in the market we can use. And by combining some of these tools not only can we address the challenges we face, we can create new solutions and take our SEO to the next level. In this guide I will be combining three distinct tools and utilize the power of a major cloud provider (Google Cloud), with a leading open source operating system and software (Ubuntu) and a crawl analysis tool (Screaming Frog SEO Spider).

The North Face booed by SEO community after manipulating Google image search results

Last week, outdoor clothing brand The North Face and its ad agency Leo Burnett Tailor Made, came under fire after the agency updated images on Wikipedia pages for popular travel destinations. The efforts were part of a campaign to get The North Face branding at the top of Google image search results when anyone searched for the corresponding travel locations.

The Periodic Table of SEO Factors gets major overhaul for 2019

The team at Search Engine Land is incredibly excited to announce that our iconic Periodic Table of SEO Factors has been refreshed for 2019 in a major way. Already one of our most recognizable learning aids, the periodic table this year adds new elements and categories that speak to today’s emerging success factors.

The Elements of SEO — Exploring The 2019 Periodic Table of SEO Factors

Since it first debuted in 2011, Search Engine Land’s Periodic Table of SEO has become a globally recognized tool that search professionals have relied on to help them understand the elements essential to a winning SEO strategy. And while much of the foundation of search engine optimization has either stayed the same or has become further entrenched, much has also changed as the web has become more mobile, instantly accessible and aligned to new Internet-connected devices.

The 7 Day Ecommerce SEO Strategy To Increase Your Search Traffic

Learn how to increase organic search traffic to your ecommerce store in the next 7 days with my free email course.  I will send you a daily task that will transform your stores traffic step by step.

Analyzing Search Engine Results Pages on a Large Scale

As an SEO professional, you know that a big part of your job is tracking rankings in the SERPs, as well as that of those of competitors'. I am going to be sharing a way to obtain SERP data and import it to a DataFrame (table / CSV / excel sheet) for analysis, on a large scale, and in an automated way.

I will be using the programming language Python, so there will be some coding involved. If you don't know any programming, you can ignore the code snippets below, as you don't need to understand them to follow along.

6 SEO Tactics Attorneys Need to Be Using

The internet has upped the level of competition for businesses of every kind, and that includes law firms. Thanks to search engines like Google and the surge of online review sites, it is easier than ever for potential clients to research and review dozens of your competitors in the blink of an eye - even if they have been referred to you by a friend.

Search results are paramount for attracting qualified clients, and if you are not able to rank well and connect with the right audience in the search engine results pages (SERPs), a lot of valuable clients might walk through your competitors’ doors instead of yours.

Using Rich Results to Improve the eCommerce Search Experience

As Google has evolved from a simple question and answer engine into a service that can utilize machine-learning to provide the best solution for a users’ needs (especially with the introduction of RankBrain), the practice of search engine optimization has to move away from single-keyword applications into focusing on the whole user experience.

Shifting away from rudimentary questions like “Is my keyword on the page?” and “Am I ranking number one for ‘X’?” has put much more of a focus on what really matters to eCommerce retailers — being seen, getting clicks, and making money.

How To Boost SEO With Question Keywords Optimization

Question-related searches are a significant part of the overall searches Google receives each day. Internet Live Stats suggests that there are around 3.5 billion searches per day in 2018, and in 2017 Jumpshot study published on Moz has predicted that approximately 8% of search queries are phrased as questions.

Based on the above stats, we can safely conclude that optimizing your website for question keywords can make a huge difference to your SEO strategy. You can generate a lot of organic traffic, earn links or convert traffic into sales simply by grabbing a share of the featured snippet.

A Local SEO Citation You Never Knew You Had

When it comes to building citations, most local SEO's will either build them from a list, starting with aggregator's and move onto more niche local sites, or you can use a submission service to take care of this for you.

The pain point with local business citations begins when the business makes a change relating to Name, Address, Phone Number (NAP), removal of a service that affects their primary category or modifying opening hours. If you are not using a listing management service you have to log into each site and update the details.

How to Improve Keyword Rankings with Internal Linking

There are countless factors that impact whether or not a page ranks in the search engine results page. These factors include the amount of content on your page, focus keyword usage, and even the number of referring domains to your website all have an effect on your page’s ranking (just to name a few).

However, one factor that oftentimes gets overlooked, which you probably guessed by reading the title, is internal linking! The ability to internally link your content together is not only great for site navigation but can bolster your keyword rankings.

SEO for Bloggers Webinar Recap: How To Optimize WordPress

We recently had a fantastic webinar that allowed guests to ask questions about blogging, WordPress, and SEO from three experts; let's learn about each of them.

Voice Search Study Methodology: Factors Influencing Search Engine Rankings in 2019

To understand which parameters marketers need to consider when working to rank a page for voice search, we conducted an in-depth study, analyzing the results of over 50,000 queries split across three devices.

Our study, which you can view here, produced a series of findings, including 10 key factors that influence how a voice search answer is selected by Google Assistant.

Below you will find our complete methodology, which describes the data gathering process in full.

SEO Tutorial For Beginners in 2019

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in 2019 is a technical, analytical and creative process to improve the visibility of a website in search engines. The primary function of SEO is to drive more unpaid useful traffic to a site that converts into sales.

The free SEO tips you will read on this page will help you create a successful SEO friendly website yourself.

How To Get Google To Crawl and Index Your Website Fully

A part of SEO is to make sure Google can crawl your website and index all your primary pages. Google is sometimes picky about what pages on a site it will index.

If you have a website indexation problem and want to get more of your pages indexed on Google, read on.

How To Handle Out Of Stock Product Pages on An Ecommerce Shop For SEO Benefits

It essentially means that Google is not going to honour your redirect instruction and that means you are at risk of knobbling any positive signals you are attempting to transfer through a redirect.

Link Building: How To Build Links To Your Website in 2019

Link building in 2019 is the process of earning links on other websites. Earned natural links directly improve the reputation of a website and where it ranks in Google, and other search engines. Self-made links are risky and come with them the risk of penalisation by the Google webspam team.

Faceted navigation in ecommerce: How it helps customers and SEO

The ecommerce market is highly competitive, with thousands of small players striving to keep up with the giants like Amazon and eBay.

Still, for both leaders and followers, the web store UX stays the factor that defines who wins customers’ hearts (and purses) and who is to leave the stage.

Common technical SEO issues and fixes for aggregators and finance brands

As most of you know the aggregator market is a competitive one, with the popularity in comparison sites rising.

Comparison companies are some of the most well-known and commonly used brands today. With external marketing and advertising efforts at an all-time high, people turn to the world wide web for these services. So, who is championing the online market?

How to speed up SEO analysis: API advantages for SEO experts

Who can argue that building an SEO strategy is not a time-consuming thing? Keyword research, niche analysis, technical audit, link building — all these tasks are just a small part of an SEO’s daily routine.

Willing to automate search engine optimization processes, experts use special tools and software. But it’s not always sufficient when analyzing the results

Of course, solving some basic issues for a small website isn’t that difficult with quality SEO tools. On the other hand, if you work with several sites and analyze lots of data, you’ll need to find ways of saving your time. At this point, people may look into implementing other methods into their working process. Here usually come various SEO extensions and plugins. They are very convenient as you can activate them in one click right from the page you’re analyzing.

Social media: How does it affect SEO?

Does social media have an impact on your SEO? Do retweets, shares, and likes of a page actually boost that page in search engine results?

Studies like this one by HootSuite have suggested that there’s a correlation between social media shares and higher rankings. You might have noticed that yourself: content that ranks well on Google often also has a lot of shares, retweets, and likes.

10 on-page SEO essentials: Crafting the perfect piece of content

You are now living in the midst of a tantalizing revolution as the great minds of user experience (UX) and search engine optimization (SEO) finally converge to produce beautiful on-page content designed to rank in search results AND engage or educate the user.

Gone are the days of plugging in keyword phrases into your blog posts to get the density just right and building landing page after landing page targeted at keyword variations like, “automobiles for sale”, “cars for sale” and “trucks for sale”.

A survival kit for SEO-friendly JavaScript websites

JavaScript-powered websites are here to stay. As JavaScript in its many frameworks becomes an ever more popular resource for modern websites, SEOs must be able to guarantee their technical implementation is search engine-friendly.

In this article, we will focus on how to optimize JS-websites for Google (although Bing also recommends the same solution, dynamic rendering).

How to perfectly balance affiliate marketing and SEO

In all my years as an SEO consultant, I can’t begin to count the number of times I saw clients who were struggling to make both SEO and affiliate marketing work for them.

When their site rankings dropped, they immediately started blaming it on the affiliate links. Yet what they really needed to do was review their search marketing efforts and make them align with their affiliate marketing efforts.

How to write SEO-friendly alt text for your images

One of the biggest problems digital marketers face is nuances to crafting high-quality SEO rich content.

A great area of opportunity for marketers is their SEO alt text for images. We’ve all been to websites and the image is replaced by a red “X”, or it’s just a blank box. Wouldn’t it be great if you could benefit from that image box for an increased search engine ranking?

Three fundamental factors in the production of link-building content

One of the most overused phrases in content marketing is how it is an ever-changing landscape, forcing agencies and marketers to adapt and improve their existing processes.

In a short space of time, a topic can go from being newsworthy to negligible, all while certain types of content become tedious to the press and its readers.

Top advanced YouTube SEO tips to boost your video performance

YouTube is not just a social media platform. It’s a powerful search engine for video content. Here’s how to make the most of its SEO potential.

There are more than 1.9 billion users who use YouTube every month. People are spending over a billion hours watching videos every day on YouTube. This means that there is a big opportunity for brands, publishers and video creators to expand their reach.

How to take advantage of the latest updates to Google Search Console

After testing the Search Console for more than a year, Google announced its release from beta last year.

In the previous year, maybe more, Google slowly rolled out the beta eventually doing a full open beta invite to all Search Console users and migrating their features from the old to the new version. From the new UI to the new features, the tool is currently performing at its best.

How to check for duplicate content to improve your site’s SEO

However, when content is duplicated either accidentally or on purpose, search engines will not be duped and may penalize a site with lower search rankings accordingly. Unfortunately, many businesses often publish repeated content without being aware that they’re doing so. This is why auditing your site with a duplicate content checker is so valuable in helping sites to recognize and replace such content as necessary.

This article will help you better understand what is considered duplicate content, and steps you can take to make sure it doesn’t hamper your SEO efforts.

The SEO metrics that really matter for your business

Whether you are a business owner, marketing manager or simply just interested in the world of ecommerce, you may be familiar with how a business can approach SEO.

To every person involved, the perception of SEO and its success can vary from a sophisticated technical grasp to a knowledge of the essentials.

How AI is powering real-time SEO research: Insights and optimization

The shift to real-time data analysis and optimization has supercharged marketing in a way that frankly should have SEOs on the edge of their seats.

As organizations struggle to make sense of and activate their data, SEOs can combine their deep experience with massive amounts of data to make smarter business decisions and have an edge. Things are about to get real, very real.

The evolution of SEO and the shift from point solutions to platform

In the practice of SEO, as in life, the only constant is “change.” Even the pace of change in SEO is changing.

It’s accelerating as results grow ever richer and more personalized, search engines more numerous and specialized, and searchers increasingly expect to be able to summon answers whenever, wherever and however they like.

Local SEO for enterprises: Optimizing for the Local 3-Pack

Fifteen years ago, if a customer needed a hammer, they’d probably get out a phone book, look up “Hardware Store,” choose the hardware store closest to their house, drive there, go inside, and ask the clerk “Do you sell hammers?” If they happened to be out of hammers, the clerk might draw the customer a map to the next closest hardware store and the process would start all over again.

Now that most of us are walking around with tiny computers in our pockets, much preliminary research is taken care of in a matter of seconds via mobile search. If a customer needs a hammer, they simply google “Hardware Store,” and three nearby results pop up instantly.

Image optimization for SEO: Everything you need to know for success

As of January 2019, there are more than 1.94 billion websites. That’s a lot of competition. What’s one great way to stand out? Great images. In fact, vision dominates all other senses when it comes to interacting with and absorbing information.

Here are three quick facts to help you understand how critical images are for people (and for SEO):

How to understand searcher intent to boost SEO rankings

SEO is one of the best ways to bring a wider audience to your blog or ecommerce storefront. It’s estimated that by 2020, business owners will spend around 82 billion dollars on their SEO marketing plan. In this sense, it’s obvious that SEO will continue to grow in popularity over the years.

We want to take a look at one of the most important aspects of search engine optimization, and that is understanding the intent of your user when they search for something online. It’s important to constantly think about the intent of your potential customers and what may drive them to your website.

How to master technical SEO: Six areas to attack now

Technical optimization is the core element of SEO. Technically optimized sites appeal both to search engines for being much easier to crawl and index, and to users for providing a great user experience.

It’s quite challenging to cover all the technical aspects of your site because hundreds of issues may need fixing. However, there are some areas that are extremely beneficial if got right. In this article, I will cover those you need to focus on first (plus actionable tips on how to succeed in them SEO-wise).

Uncovering SEO Opportunities via Log Files

I use web crawlers on a daily basis. While they are very useful, they only imitate search engine crawlers’ behavior, which means you aren’t always getting the full picture.

The only tool that can give you a real overview of how search engines crawl your site are log files. Despite this, many people are still obsessed with crawl budget — the number of URLs Googlebot can and wants to crawl.

The Influence of Voice Search on Featured Snippets

We all know that featured snippets provide easy-to-read, authoritative answers and that digital assistants love to say them out loud when asked questions.

This means that featured snippets have an impact on voice search — bad snippets, or no snippets at all, and digital assistants struggle. By that logic: Create a lot of awesome snippets and win the voice search race. Right?

14 SEO Predictions for 2019 and Beyond

With the new year in full swing and an already busy first quarter, our 2019 predictions for SEO in the new year are hopping onto the scene a little late — but fashionably so, we hope. From an explosion of SERP features to increased monetization to the key drivers of search this year, our SEO experts have consulted their crystal balls (read: access to mountains of data and in-depth analyses) and made their predictions. Read on for an exhaustive list of fourteen things to watch out for in search from our very own Dr. Pete, Britney Muller, Rob Bucci, Russ Jones, and Miriam Ellis!

Optimizing for Searcher Intent Explained in 7 Visuals

Ever get that spooky feeling that Google somehow knows exactly what you mean, even when you put a barely-coherent set of words in the search box? You're not alone. The search giant has an uncanny ability to un-focus on the keywords in the search query and apply behavioral, content, context, and temporal/historical signals to give you exactly the answer you want.

For marketers and SEOs, this poses a frustrating challenge. Do we still optimize for keywords? The answer is "sort of." But I think I can show you how to best think about this in a few quick visuals, using a single search query.

The 5 SEO Recommendations That Matter in the End

One of the biggest challenges in SEO is measuring impact — we know what matters (or doesn’t matter) until the rules of the game have changed. And when they do, we’re all scrambling to find a baseline again.

I decided to put together a list of what I consider to be steadfast SEO recommendations. This list has yielded wins for a number of my clients — they had an impact that we were able to identify and quantify — and might be useful to you and your clients. While not all of them may be applicable (they should ultimately be tailored to your site’s specific needs) I will provide further details and examples of what I mean within each.

How to Design an SEO Quiz for Your Prospective SEO Manager

Use this guide to create an SEO skills test and hire the most qualified SEO Manager for your team!

I was a new team lead. I knew the ins and outs of being a good SEO and a good content creator, but within my first month as a manager I faced a challenge I had never had to tackle before...

4 Unconventional Ways to Become a Better SEO

Let’s get real for a moment: As much as we hear about positive team cultures and healthy work environments in the digital marketing space, many of us encounter workplace scenarios that are far from the ideal. Some of us might even be part of a team where we feel discouraged to share new ideas or alternative solutions because we know it will be shot down without discussion. Even worse, there are some who feel afraid to ask questions or seek help because their workplace culture doesn’t provide a safe place for learning.

Using the SERP to Build Your Keyword List

Keyword lists keeping you up at night? We feel you — and so does every other SEO. There’s a lot that goes into producing a robust keyword list and having one can make the difference between seeing the whole SERP landscape or getting just a glimpse.

Because we care about how much sleep you’re getting (a healthy eight hours, please), we whipped up a useful guide on our favourite way to keyword list-build, and all you need are three SERP features: the “People also ask” box, related searches, and the “People also search for” box.

How to Make Money with SEO in 2019

Making money with SEO today is nowhere near the same practice it was in 2009. Sketchy, manipulative practices and simple, straightforward tweaks no longer do the job — to be successful in 2019, you need to be smart, strategic, and in tune with what searchers want. Rand Fishkin outlines three steps you need to have down if your goal is to improve your bottom line with the help of SEO.

7 Proven SEO Reporting Best Practices That Boost Client Retention

If we’re being honest, most of us probably view reporting the same way we view taking out the trash or folding the laundry. It’s a chore that robs us of time we could have spent on more important or enjoyable things.

Adding to the frustration is the reality that many clients don’t even read their reports. That’s right. All that time you put into pulling together your data and the report might be forever resigned to the dusty corner of your client’s inbox.

Podcasts in SERPs: Is Audio SEO the Next Frontier?

One of the many bits of news from Google I/O 2019 was that Google would soon start displaying podcasts in search results. "Soon" turned out to be very soon, as we're already seeing these results surface. Here's one from a search for our own podcast, MozPod:

Rural Local SEO: A Marketing Package Strong on Education

Can your marketing agency make a profit working with low-budget clients in rural areas?

Could you be overlooking a source of referrals, publicity, and professional satisfaction if you’re mainly focused on landing larger clients in urban locales? Clients in least-populated areas need to capture every customer they can get to be viable, including locals, new neighbors, and passers-through. Basic Local SEO can go a long way toward helping with this, and even if package offerings aren’t your agency’s typical approach, a simple product that emphasizes education could be exactly what’s called for.

How to Submit Your Website to Search Engines

If search engines don’t know your website or webpage exists, your chance of ranking isn’t just an improbability, it’s an impossibility.

But here’s the thing: it takes time for search engines to discover (and index) new websites.

75 Actionable SEO Tips (That Work Like A Charm)

Looking for a collection of no‐nonsense SEO tips that you can easily implement to boost your site’s search engine rankings? Then look no further.

We’ve put together a list of 75 SEO tips and best practices. They’re split into logical sections to cover various aspects of search engine optimization—from on‐page factors to keyword research, link building and more.

A 16‐Step SEO Audit Process To Boost Your Google Rankings

The aim is to provide a comprehensive approach to auditing your website from an SEO perspective. This means auditing your rankings, backlink profile, existing content… anything that could be hindering your search performance.

How to Rank Higher on Google (6 Easy Steps)

Nothing is more frustrating than seeing your website rank on the umpteenth page of Google, despite your continued efforts to climb the ranks.

I know this because I’ve been there many times.

Sometimes it feels like no matter what you do, nothing works. Google seems to hate your website, and you have no idea why.

If that sounds all too familiar, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I’ll run through a systematic and straightforward way to improve your Google rankings and get more traffic.

Here’s the basic process:

Mobile SEO:The Definitive Guide

This new guide will show you everything you need to know about mobile SEO.

First, I’ll show you why mobile optimization is more important than ever.

Then, I’ll help you get your website ready for Google’s mobile-first index.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

Ecommerce SEO: The Definitive Guide 2019

This is the most comprehensive guide to Ecommerce SEO online. In this expert-written guide you’ll learn everything you need to know about optimizing your ecommerce site, from keyword research to technical SEO to link building. So if you’re looking to get more targeted traffic (and customers) from search, you’ll love this guide. Let’s dive right in.