Software Name
Price range
Software Version
Founded year
Price range $12.00/month
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2016
Sync 2 CRM
Price range $12.00/month/user
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year
Bitrix 24
Price range $39.00/month
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 1998
Agile CRM
Price range $8.99/month/user
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2012
Social Pilot
Price range $10.00/month/user
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2014
Price range $15.00/month
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2015
Wave Video
Price range $39.00/month/user
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2011
Post Planner
Price range $3.00/month
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2011
Preferred Patron
Price range $69.00/month
Software Version Free Demo
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2004
Price range $25.00/month/user
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2011

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Latest Posts

Social Media Poster: Boost Your Posts Right from the Tool

Since Facebook started to put friends’ posts above business ones in the feed, the “Boost post” button has been the easiest way for companies to get themselves noticed. It costs little, doesn’t require strong advertising skills and is fit for absolutely any purpose, from promoting an event to introducing a new product.

Finding YouTube Influencers for Your Business

With many companies embracing the power of social media and social media influencers to boost recognition for their brand and their products, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to learn more about the influencers their competitors are working with.

SimilarWeb provides insights into the importance of social media as a traffic source as well as drilling down to the individual platforms generating traffic to a site and even the specific pieces of content that worked. This is an invaluable tool in identifying the specific influencers working with your competitors, learning more about the kind of impact such relationships can have and helping to identify influencers as potential partners for your business.

30+ Facebook Analysis Tools for Digital Agencies

What’s the best tool on the market to help manage, analyze, and grow client Facebook accounts?

There are a few things agencies should take into consideration when trying to make this determination:

    Do you need invoicing, budgeting, and reporting functionality for the Facebook, Instagram, and Google Adwords accounts that you manage?
    Are user sentiment, social listening, A.I., and machine learning necessary?
    How in-depth do the analytics need to go?
    Will post scheduling functionality help you save time?

35+ Best Social Media Analytics Tools

Not every social media analytics tool is built to service every kind of business. The needs of an enterprise-size business hardly match those of a fledgling agency.

For example, a social media marketing agency could benefit from a tool such as ReportGarden, which provides white-label reporting as well as budgeting, proposal, and invoicing functionality. An enterprise-level organization might find more value in a social listening tool that can monitor all of the social media sites for the thousands of daily mentions of their brand name.

Top Social Media Marketing Tools For Your Brand In 2019

When done right, social media marketing holds the power to elevate your brand by driving awareness and engagement. And social media marketing tools are essential for you to succeed with social media marketing in 2019. They also help you optimize and improve social media marketing results to create more business impact.

If you haven’t tried social media marketing tools yet, now’s the time to! Here we are, bringing you the top tools of 2019.

8 Best Social Media Management Tools To Save You Time

Are you looking for an all-in-one solution to manage your social media presence? Perhaps you need a smarter way to manage multiple profiles and networks? Or maybe you need to improve team collaboration?

Whatever your situation, managing social media requires the right strategy and the right tools.

And while there are thousands of social media tools, not all of them can be classed as management tools. For instance, Buffer is great for scheduling, but it doesn’t manage network engagement.

Top 10 Perfect Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019

With the rise of the digital age and its complimentary technological solutions (such as social media marketing tools), several daily tasks have changed from being harrowing to trivial.

A decade ago, marketing (and its subset, advertising) were both experimental and left holes in the pockets of the advertiser. In this day and age, the internet not only changed the way individuals go about their daily lives but also created a collective social intelligence where the majority of the earth’s population can be found.

100 Best Social Media Tools For 2019

I wanted to write an article that contains a giant list of social media management tools as a special Gift for you. In this article, you will find the 100 best social media tools of all time. The Best Social Media Management Tools of Taking an active role in shaping your company's social media strategy and online voice. These social media tools can help you craft great social content and extract meaningful metrics to build an engaged audience. A Smarter Social Strategy Social media is becoming the front line for how businesses interact with a new generation of customers.

These platforms let you add rich multimedia to posts, tailor messages to different networks and audiences, and toggle social channels on and off. Combined with the analytics you're gathering on engagement, followers, posts, and a host of other metrics, these platforms help you get a handle on your social media efforts. They also help you feed all of the data you're gathering back into your online marketing, customer strategy, and other areas of your business. To one degree or another, social media touches just about everything. Analytics Is a Tool's Glue A good place to begin discovering what kind of data you need is by checking out your competition online.

10 Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Make Your Competitors Weep

What is the best social media marketing tool on the market?

This is a question that has sparked many heated debates among marketers. With so many different social media management tools available and their importance to any social media marketer, it can be very difficult to find the right tool for you.

Ian Anderson Gray of the Seriously Social blog has partnered up with G2Crowd to find out which tool amongst the top 5 rated social media management tools on the market is the best.

The resulting infographic provides some very interesting results:

Top 24 Best Digital Marketing Tools For 2019

Ever think you could achieve your goals and scale your business much faster – if you only knew the best digital marketing tools? These days, there are so many different online marketing tools that it’s hard to know where to start. Each new tool requires an investment of your time and money, and choosing the wrong one now and then switching to another later can be a hassle.

Want to know HOW the world’s leading marketing consultants and agencies are using these tools?

21 Best Social Media Marketing Tools To Help You Grow (2019)

Nothing could be more demanding and time-consuming than manually running a business.

When you keep having to do everything manually, you will often spend lots of time without achieving very much.

Social media marketing is no more a need but an essential element for your business.  The primary reason businesses of all kind succeed in social media marketing is that they have all of their tedious tasks systemized with tools.

55 Must Have Digital Marketing Tools in 2019

Apparently, digital marketing is all over the place. Website owners insist on the importance of having a solid marketing strategy for their website or SEO and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. In 2019 the competition between companies based on their marketing strategy is not only high - it’s rather intense. Such “old” marketing instruments as sending emails to leads are no longer enough to start getting decent sales.

The job of today’s digital marketers includes a lot of tasks and responsibilities - from old-but-gold email marketing to web analytics, SMM, SEO, ads placement, and much more. Such a long list of responsibilities can terrify everyone not knowing about the existence of super helpful marketing instruments free at your disposal. All of them are meant to ease the marketers’ workload and increase their productivity in times.

9 Best Social Media Tools To Grow Your Business In 2019

Gone are the days of relying on door to door marketing, making face to face pitches to customers. Relying on television, print ads and commercials is not enough to gain your audience’s attention.

As the number of social media users is only going up, if you are not using one or more of these platforms to grow your business, then you are missing out on a very good opportunity.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, these are all household terms today and users are actively using and exploring these platforms.

Top 12 Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019

Now that we are already deep into Q4, that means the holiday season will quickly fly by and the new year will be here before we know it. Every year, businesses and marketers are on the lookout for new tools to enhance their online marketing efforts.

With thousands of tools available, and new ones being launched weekly, how do you know what ones are worth adding to your current marketing stack or replacing what you currently use? The wrong tools could be holding you back, so here is a list of highly effective and user-friendly online marketing tools to consider exploring as we get close to kicking off 2019.

10 Social Media Management Tools to Help Boost Your Efforts in 2019

The modern media landscape is so crowded that it can be difficult for brands to cut through and reach their target audience. This is especially true on social media. From viral videos to family members sharing important milestones, and in between, other advertisers vying for what space is left, you need to figure out a way to stand out. And in order to successfully scale out your social media campaigns, you have to determine the best resources to enable you to reach and connect with your target markets.

The most effective social media marketing tools are always changing, however the right social media management tools can save you a heap of time through post scheduling, generating great content ideas, tracking your efforts, and much more.

10 of the Best Social Media Marketing Tools for 2019 [Infographic]

Social media marketing is an extremely multifaceted field with every aspect requiring a lot of work. You probably know that. That's why most of us use a whole set of tools to analyze, create, advertise, and more.

Unfortunately, there are enough social media tools on the market to get one absolutely confused. This infographic by Awario, shares a list of the best social media marketing tools for 2019.

The ultimate list of tools is broken down into five crucial categories:

The Top 25 Social Media Marketing Tools (2019)

In my experience of 10 plus years as a digital marketer (and now as an entrepreneur), I’ve come down to realize that time is my most precious resource.

My role and profession as a blogger and the founder of a marketing agency demand me to change many hats. I need to be at myriad places on the web at the same time, be attentive to all the gaps, needs and respond at each of the places.

While doing so, I also need to be really prompt in my approach and workflow as thriving (and not just surviving!) on digital mediums is a lot about the agility of action.

Top 11 social media marketing tools for 2019

There are many social media marketing tools to improve your social presence. Which one is better for your business?

Social media marketing can help you improve your brand awareness, boost your engagement with your followers and even explore new opportunities with potential customers. However, it’s not easy to manage all social media platforms without the use of the right tools. There are many social media management tools to help you be more effective.

27 of the Most Effective Social Media Posting Tools You Need

Social media plays a vital role in the promotion of your brand online. You can direct thousands of visitors to your website by leveraging social media effectively. A study found that 70% of the population in US is active on at least one social media platform. It also found that 71% of shoppers who had a positive experience on social media are likely to recommend the brand to others.

The 10 Top Social Media Tools Brands are Using to Succeed in 2019

Marketers are faced with an ever-growing list of responsibilities. From social media marketing to customer experience and advertising, it can be a challenge to stay on top of everything.

Luckily for us, there are a plethora of great social media tools on the market to help you succeed in your role and stay productive.

Tools for content curation, discovery, scheduling, publishing, analytics, and more can be used to enhance your effectiveness.

15 must-have social media marketing tools for 2019

In less than 10 years, social media has become an essential part of our lives. The platforms you started sharing your clubbing photos on have since been taken over by baby pics and your mum.

Great social media doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s not just a sprinkle of mentions and a pinch of evergreen content. There’s no magical social media recipe, sadly. Great social media is like any other marketing strategy – carefully crafted, measured, managed, and founded on a strong and clear strategy. To deliver on your strategic vision you need to be up-to-date with the latest trends, practices, and tools.

Top 10 social media management tools for 2019

With so many social media management and marketing tools out there, how do you know which one to use?

How do you know which features to choose from? The number of social media management tools can leave the beginner and even the more advanced user overwhelmed.

So we made a consistently updated list of the top 10 social media management tools for 2019. There are three major features that a good social media management tool should always have. These are publishing and RSS integration, social engagement, and great analytics reporting. These three areas are what make a comprehensive social media management platform.

Let’s get started! The tools are ranked from top to bottom.

10 Online Marketing Tools You Need When Starting a Business

Did you know there are approximately 28 million small businesses in the United States alone?

With a number like this, all small business owners are looking for a competitive edge. If you happen to be one, chances are you’re looking for strategies to get your leg up on the competition.

While there is no way of knowing what the future holds, one thing is for sure: you don’t want to be among the approximately 80% of businesses that fail within 18 months.

10 Must Have Social Media Tools for Small Businesses

Do You Have the Time to Manage Your Social Media Empire? If you run a small business, one thing that you probably don't have a lot of- is time.

You don't want to spend a huge amount of time learning how to find and learn how to use the best tools to achieve your goals. Since my business is social media and web development I actually enjoy researching the best tools and have developed a portfolio of great tools and a workflow that works well for me.

In this article, I list the main tools I would recommend to most small businesses. Of course, every situation is unique so I do recommend tailoring a system that works for you.

Top 25 Social Media Analytics Tools: The Definitive Guide

It can be a daunting task. You’ve asked everyone and every query tool for the best social media analytics tools and you’re still unsure which to use. And you don’t have the time and money to waste using a tool only to find out later on that it doesn’t suit your needs. Whether you’re asking other marketers or searching on Google, it can be quite confusing — with every brand making enticing promises.

How do you know which of them would deliver on their promise? A good complete guide is a great place to look.

Here’s a guide showing you the top 25 social media analytics tools, and how they work:

The Best Social Media Management & Analytics Tools for 2019

While the audience depth of the various social media networks seems to vary almost constantly, what's not varying is the popularity of this medium. Social media usage among multiple audience segments, here and abroad, young and old, general and vertical, is only growing -- and it's growing steadily, especially in the realm of mobile users.

What makes social media so attractive and valuable is that it's a real-time conduit for measuring your audience's pulse and pushing out content that aligns with your brand. That makes social media management and analytics a key capability for any digital marketer. And if you take the trouble to integrate both your social media conduits and your analytics engines to other back-end services, like your customer relationship management (CRM) repository, for example, you can use both the data and the additional channels to fine tune those customer touchpoint as well.

Top 5 Social Media Management Tools for Small Businesses

Today we will go through 5 different tools that will help you improve your social media management and add efficiency to your work flow. I will show you what each tool does. I will be sharing the pricing plans of each tool. So let’s get started with our first tool.

21 of the Best Facebook Marketing Tools to Optimize Your Social Promotions (Updated March 2019)

Did you know that Facebook has ~ 2.3 billion monthly active users spread around the globe?

It is a huge social media platform and is continuously growing in popularity. Brands and marketers rightly see the potential in Facebook and it has long been their preferred platform.

Both brands and users have been flocking to Facebook in big numbers.

25 Digital Marketing Software Tools Highly Recommended by Agencies

In the report, 90 marketers named the following three categories as the top opportunities for improvement over the next 2-3 years:

Attracting and retaining top talent
Developing new services and capabilities
Adopting new methods and processes for working collaboratively

Number 1 should be no surprise, considering that the digital marketing industry is notoriously challenging. Technology can probably assist with hiring and employee happiness, but it’s not the driver. However, goals 2 and 3 can be accomplished with a more sophisticated suite of software-as-a-service (SaaS) products.

15 Kickass Tools for Social Media Marketing Automation

Social media has come a long way since Six Degrees, the first social platform. Before 2005, Facebook and LinkedIn were all the rage.

Later, Twitter, Snapchat, Myspace, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google Plus and many others cropped up to meet the rising need of people to link with each other.

Later on, businesses realized that social networks are also the best places to hunt for leads, and then came social media advertising.

The 25 Top Social Media Management Tools for Businesses of All Sizes

How do you stay on top of all your social media marketing tasks? From creating and publishing content to analytics and reporting, it can be pretty overwhelming to think of all the jobs social media marketers have to complete every day.

Thankfully, there are a bunch of awesome social media management tools available to help. These tools can streamline your workflows, help you save some time and even ensure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

20 Best Social Media Management Software Tools of 2019

How about a familiar scenario: you turn on your computer in the morning, open up ten different tabs for each social network where you’re active, and push ahead to your next coffee break to ensure that all content is posted, and all inquiries are replied to.

Have you settled for it as being the only way to get the job done? Because it is not.

The core concept of bulk posting evolved to what is now fully automated social media management, one of the hottest trends in our web space that allows companies to be everywhere at the same time. Instead of hiring busy maintenance teams and losing time wandering between applications, modern businesses choose to combine and govern social media activity on a single dashboard. Luckily for them, there are more than enough beautiful and affordable tools to put in charge of it.

Top Social Media Marketing Software You Should Consider

According to Search Engine Land , “Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.” Nowadays, most businesses engage in some form of social media marketing.

Over the last decade, numerous companies have released tools, apps and other forms of social media marketing software. Social media can be a huge time suck, and anything that can free up valuable time for a firm’s employees must be of value.

32 Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage

Are you ready to level up your social game? If you want your social media marketing to be effective, you’ll need to invest in the right tools for the job. Tools that help you manage and optimize your posts.

Well, guess what. Today’s your lucky day. We’re sharing 32 awesome tools that’ll transform your social media marketing skills.

The 7 Best Free Social Media Management Tools in 2019

With 2019 upon us, whether it be eating more vegetables or finally using that overpriced gym membership, you’re probably in full goal-setting mode. New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken, right?

Perhaps when it comes to personal goals, but for marketing goals, now is the time to tackle your strategy with full-force.

Technology Advice Buyers Guide to Social Media Marketing Software

With the amount of consumers inundating social media channels with opinions, experiences, and recommendations, businesses can no longer afford to ignore this marketing channel. The proliferation of social media is undeniable.