Company Name
Avg hourly rate
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 0 - 10
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
20% Mobile App Development
Mobinius Technologies
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 251 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Ho Chi Minh City, Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
15% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
20% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 1001 - 5000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Bangalore, Karnataka, India
20% Mobile App Development
Softuvo Solutions Private Limited
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
5.0/5.0 3 users
Location Mohali, Punjab, India
30% Mobile App Development
Your Team in India
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 251 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
20% Mobile App Development
Digit Bazar IT Solutions
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New Delhi, Delhi, India
50% Mobile App Development
Konstant Infosolutions
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
60% Mobile App Development
Robosoft Technologies
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 251 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New York, New York, United States
20% Mobile App Development
HashCash Consultants
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
5.0/5.0 6 users
Location Palo Alto, California, United States
20% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
50% Mobile App Development
Way2Smile Solutions DMCC
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
5.0/5.0 1 users
Location Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
50% Mobile App Development
Nectarbits Pvt Ltd
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New york, New York, United States
24% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Middleburg Heights, Ohio, United States
60% Mobile App Development
Auxano Global Services
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $49.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Greenville, South Carolina, United States
50% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
50% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New York, New York, United States
15% Mobile App Development
Hyperlink InfoSystem
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 50 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
70% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
5.0/5.0 1 users
Location DALLAS, Texas, United States
20% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $151.00 - $200.00/hr
Employees 251 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
40% Mobile App Development
Blue Label Labs
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $150.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location New York, New York, United States
60% Mobile App Development
Mercury Development LCC
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Miami, Florida, United States
70% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location West Palm Beach, Florida, United States
80% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $49.00/hr
Employees 250 - 999
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Sunnyvale, California, United States
75% Mobile App Development
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $49.00/hr
Employees 50 - 249
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
50% Mobile App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the top mobile app development companies in the US?

    As per the recent industry analysis these are the Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in USA. 1. Robosoft Technologies, 2. HashCash Consultants, 3. Peerbits, 4. MindInventory, Auxano Global Services, 5. Nectarbits Pvt Ltd, 6. WillowTree, 7. Blue Label Labs, 8. Mercury Development LCC, 9. Mutual Mobile, 10. Blue Whale Apps..

  • What mobile app development companies are based in Chicago?

    Looking for the top-rated mobile app development companies in Chicago, IL? These are. 1. Rightpoint, 2. KitelyTech, 3. Hashrocket, 4. kohactive, 5. ISBX, 6. 8th Light, 7. Codal, 8. Loadsys Solutions, 9. Forte Group, 10. Solid Digital LLC.

  • Who are the best Android app developers in Chennai?

    Here is the List of best 10+ Mobile App Devlopment Companies in Chennai, Hire. 1. Way2Smile, 2. ManageTeamz, 3. Contus, 4. Maxilead, 5. Hakuna Matata Solutions Pvt Ltd, 6. OptiSol Business Solutions, 7. apptomate, 8. Siam Computing, 9. MacAppStudio, 10. Hakuna Matata.

  • Which company provides the best app development services in Noida?

    Find the list of reviews of top mobile app development companies in Noida. 1. Appinventiv, 2. TechAhead, 3. Appventurez, 4. Techugo, 5. Nickelfox, 6. Agicent Technologies, 7. Infoxen Technologies, 8. QSS Technosoft, 9. TechGropse Pvt Ltd, 10. Sphinx Worldbiz.

  • Which is the best mobile app design and development company in California?

    Are you in search of a top Mobile app development company in California? Here is the list. 1. Robosoft Technologies, 2. HashCash Consultants, 3. Algoworks, 4. Cheesecake Labs, 5. Appventurez, 6. Sidebench, 7. Infinum, 8. Script All DNA Technologies, 9. OTS Solutions, 10. Juego Studio.

  • Which is the best mobile app development company in India?

    Following are the best 10 mobile app development companies in India that can cater to the needs of any businesses. 1. Robosoft Technologies, 2. HashCash Consultants, 3. Peerbits, 4. MindInventory, 5. Auxano Global Services, 6. Appinventiv, 7. Nectarbits Pvt Ltd, 8. TechAhead, 9. Hyperlink InfoSystem, 10. Konstant Infosolutions.

  • Who are good iOS mobile app developers in the Washington, DC area?

    Want to hire local app developers from Washington DC? Here is the list of top 10+ app development companies Washington, who offers best app development. 1. Logiticks, 2. Dogfish Software, 3. Moby, 4. Deloitte Digital, 5. Taoti Creative, 6. Fuse IQ Inc, 7. Mercury Creative, 8. Fast Rope Labs, 9. W3care Technologies Pvt Ltd, 10. Symbyotic Technologies Inc.

  • What are the top 10 mobile app development companies in Ahmedabad?

    Are you finding the best mobile app development company in Ahmedabad? Here is the list, 1. Peerbits, 2. MindInventory, 3. Auxano Global Services, 4. Nectarbits Pvt Ltd, 5. Hyperlink InfoSystem, 6. SoluLab, 7. Script All DNA Technologies, 8. Universal Stream Solution LLC, 9. Zealous System, 10. TechnoBrains IT Solution Pvt Ltd.

  • What are the top mobile app development companies in Texas?

    Here is the list of top mobile app developers in Texas. 1. Mutual Mobile, 2. JumpGrowth, 3. Impiger Technologies, 4. Copper Mobile, 5. OTS Solutions, 6. Juego Studio, 7. Sphinx Solutions, 8. SwiftKick Mobile, 9. Arka Softwares, 10. Nimble AppGenie

  • Which are the best and top app development companies Boston?

    Finding local best app developers in Boston is a tough job. Checkout the list of top 10+ local app development companies in Boston. 1. Raizlabs, 2. Zco Corporation, 3. NNC Services, 4. Extension Engine, 5. Inobright Inc, 6. Genuine, 7. Raka, 8. Echobind, 9. DOIT Software, 10. Codabrasoft LLC.

  • What are the top 10 mobile app development companies in New York?

    If you are looking for list of mobile app development companies in New York, here is provided the verified list of top 10 companies. 1. Robosoft Technologies, 2. Nectarbits Pvt Ltd, 3. Blue Label Labs, 4. JumpGrowth, 5. OnGraph Technologies Corporation, 6. IdeaSoft, 7. Infinum, 8. Halcyon Mobile, 9. OTS Solutions, 10. Lets Nurture.

  • Which company provides the best app development services in Bangalore?

    Hire the best iPhone/iOS or Android developer in Bengaluru. 1. Robosoft Technologies, 2. Percoyo Private Limited, 3. Juego Studio, 4. Logiticks, 5. IdeaPlunge Solutions, 6. DigiFutura, 7. Codilar Technologies, 8. Specbee Consulting Services, 9. Neev Information Technologies, 10. Appscrip.

  • Who are good iOS mobile app developers in the Florida?

    So if you are looking for the best app development company in the Florida, here is the list. 1. Mercury Development LCC, 2. Cubix, 3. Blue Whale Apps, 4. BOLD Technologies, 5. Simform LLC, 6. Juego Studio, 7. Echo Interaction Group, 8. Intuitive Appz, 9. Concepta, 10. Labotec.

  • Which company provides the best app development services Georgia?

    Looking for the top-rated mobile app development companies in Atlanta, GA? Here is the list. 1. Universal Stream Solution LLC, 2. STATEMENT, 3. MobiDev, 4. AppZoro Technologies, 5. Commerce Pundit, 6. Dedicated Developers, 7. DOIT Software, 8. Digital Scientists, 9. Mobiquity Inc, 10. Black Airplane.

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  • Android
  • IOS
  • Windows
  • Hybrid
What would your UI theme be?
  • Template UI
  • Custom Branded UI
  • Animated UI
  • Game Animations
How will your users sign up and login into the app?
  • Email ID and Password
  • Via Social Networks
  • Using 2 Step Authorization
  • No Sign Up Required
Will you allow users to complete a profile?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
How do you wish to secure your app?
  • MVP Versions
  • Basic Security
  • Encrypted Options Communication
  • Complete Protection
Do people rate or review things?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
Which 3rd party services do you need to integrate with?
  • Social Networks
  • Media
  • Location
  • ecommerce (Existing Online Store)
Where do you want to save your application data?
  • A New Database(mySQL, MongoDB etc)
  • An Existing Database
  • Cloud Database(Fit for simpler MVPs)
  • I don't know
Do people rate or review things?
  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Notification Control
  • Activity feeds or user walls
  • Shopping Cart
  • Search Option
  • Referral System
  • Chatting Function
  • Integration (CRM, Marketing)
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Ashok Kumar
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  • Project name: eCommerce App
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DxMinds developed a mobile app for my eCommerce store,as they build with the latest technologies and they ensure with provided services.The product delivers was awesome and the team responded very well.

Robert William
Owner | SelfBusiness
  • Project name: Self
  • Service category: Mobile App Development

I have worked with his dedicated team for a years. The teams are really dedicated and very helpful.

Tony Aidinis
Mr | Tevin International Ltd
  • Project name: Android App for retail
  • Service category: Mobile App Development

Excellent work! Softuvo works with an agile and problem-solving approach. The team’s in-depth expertise helps them yield quality products always. They are supportive and reliable partners.



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Apps within an App: Welcome to the World of Micro Apps

A mobile app’s main purpose has always been to provide consumers with a richer, quicker, and simpler experience on mobile devices for which they don’t have to access websites, desktop apps or online services. However, to stay ahead of the competition, businesses today tend to develop an all-rounder app of sorts, loaded with features that might not add value or be of any help to the user with a crisp & focused solution. A mobile app that is loaded with unnecessary features imposes several challenges.

Of microservice architecture and digital enterprises in the experience economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is expected to impact the world like never before. A key transformation is underway in pushing all of us to embrace change in the way we live and work. Old norms and ways of working will give way to a new normal. It is clear that digital will be at the core of the social distancing era. Digital solutions and platforms will be the key enablers of business continuity helping enterprises in adapting to the rapidly changing needs of their customers, while they focus on mitigating business and operational challenges.

Once the threat of the epidemic has passed, businesses will have to look at innovative ways to address the change in customer behavior and the impact of design and technology in shaping and enhancing customer experiences. To rise above these challenges, enterprises must rethink their digital strategy on multiple dimensions.

Benefits of Kotlin Programming Language in Android Apps

Android app development and Java code have been synonymous with each other since years. Even though Java was getting old, more verbose, prone to errors and slower to modernization, developers had no go other than continuing with it.

But, since Google introduced its confirmed support for Kotlin as the newest programming language for Android app development , it ushered in a new vista of app development with Kotlin.

Read on to know more about the amazing features of Kotlin and how it has now become the quintessential for Android app development:

The real value of Blockchain technology in mobile application development

These are very interesting times we are living in. The best in innovation and tech is surprising us round the clock, creativity in designing and visuals have reached its zenith, the demand for intelligent interactive devices and products is soaring – in short, the era of digital transformation (or disruption) is in full swing, and we are the fortunate ones to witness and experience it.

What makes the times all the more fascinating is the inherent intention of businesses and consumers to adopt and adapt change, brought about by new technology, wholeheartedly. AI and Machine Learning, AR and VR, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), IoT, Blockchain – these are not just some of the emerging new technologies, but technologies that are transforming the dynamics across industries and businesses.

Before You Create Your App Landing Page, Check Out These Incredible Examples

Here’s a really good reason why you need an app landing page:

Have you looked at your iPhone’s App Store lately? How about Google Play?

I’ve seen landfills with better curation.

With more than two million apps available on each store, people have a much better chance of finding a pearl in an oyster than randomly stumbling upon your app. No matter how appealing it is—no matter how entertaining or even life-changing—most people won’t discover it without a robust marketing campaign.

How Technology Augments Gen Z’s Buying Habits and Experiences

Generation Z, or Gen Z for short, is the new generation poised to refine and redefine the way the world shops. Retail brands want a slice of this ever-growing pie, vying for attention from this coming-of-age consumers, predicted to account for approximately 40% of all retail traffic, by as early as 2020.

The Convergence of Traditional Financial Services and Fintech: Opportunities and Challenges

The financial services industry is at a crossroad of digital disruption in Fintech and legacy systems. The wave of digital transformation which has impacted several industries including retail, media, and transport is making great strides in the financial services industry with several non-banking innovators providing both clients facing and back office technologies.

A Comprehensive study by mobile app development company on latest trends and technologies

A complete guide to IoT in Logistics

A real-world example of how Smart Fleets make logistics operations a breeze to manage and supervise.

What is smart logistics?

What is the technology pool?

The power of sensors and cloud

Artificial Intelligence in logistics

Mobile money & Agent banking – The future looks bright!

Around 1.7 billion people worldwide do not have access to basic banking services such as credit card and savings account. But digital financial services has the potential to bring those 1.7 billion people into the financial system.

Infographic-Much Does App Development Cost?

Cost of developing a mobile application is varied and there is no specific amount to cost you for developing mobile application.

Cost of developing a mobile application is major on the complexity of the app.

Infographic-A Solid Take Off For Artificial Intelligence In 2025

AI not just changing home but it also changes the way of business as well.

Through AI, businesses improve their productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. The cool things are AI also help in solving the problem of climate change. The present already running with Artificial Intelligence. Let me a spark into your mind. Have you ever tried OR seen Alexa, Siri, Cortana. If yes, I tell you that you are using Artificial Intelligence.

Ebook-A Few Technologies Transform Industries On A Wide Scale And Bring Revolution

A few technologies transform industries on a wide scale and bring revolution. This year, it is Blockchain. It started with the banking and financial sector and now covers almost every industry. In this report, we are going to talk about this revolutionizing as well as trending technology. Let’s take into account all the possibilities and challenges it has across multiple industries.

Secrets Of Mobile App Marketing Revealed Here In Along With Its Core Business Importance

Mobile applications have proved to streamline the existing business process of the organization thereby strengthening the financial system of it.

Mobile app development companies strive hard to come up with exquisite and feature-rich competitive apps. Endeavors of experienced mobile app developers are the back part of any successful mobile application.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App? The Ultimate User’s Guide

Planning to set up a bang with your start-up in the coming years? The app cost and build-up could give you the shock of a lifetime.

So here you are, with the most flourishing business plan in your head, making it one of a kind. Now as it seems to be the ideal concept, you want to come up with the best and the most innovative app designed exclusively for you; on the other hand, you also may be considering other beautiful and eye-catchy designs and but also referring to the pocket-friendly mobile app development companies can come up as a huge check on your budget and generate a big hole in your pocket. This blog serves you a complete platter for app developing costs and briefs you about it.

How Much Does An Augmented Reality App Cost?

Augmented Reality is gaining popularity at a  great pace. The AR market is expected to expand around $90 billion by the next decade. After the success of the gaming app Pokémon Go, Augmented Reality has become a mainstream thing.

Around 20 million active users daily, this groundbreaking app has been more than 100 million hits till date.  Thus, Augmented Reality is expected to grow by 37% and the revenue is expected to reach $100 billion by 2020.

Why Software Testing Its Importance ? Software Testing Types

Testing mainly means to check the quality of the product using various test mechanisms developed manually or automatically. A tester is a person who tests and gives the assurance of a good quality product to the targeted audience.

How Mobile App Development Company Can Help You Improve Your Health

We often come across with a view to maintaining a balanced life with the work and health. The technology has implied in all of the work areas including automobiles, health, industries and more.

The main impact on the people will be felt after touching their core issues of life. The smartPhones are already empowering ordinary people and the normal life of the people. The technology has given a heck to the people by not leaving any stone unturned in each of the fields.

These Apps Sensitize You About Rising Pollution

This app has been conceptualized and developed by two students of Bharti Vidyapeeth in Delhi. The creators, Prerna Khanna and Tanmay Srivastava also won a cash prize of $1500 (Rs 1,09,500) last month at the Marconi Society Awards organized in India. The real-time air quality analytics app lets users take a photo (half of it should have the sky) and using image processing techniques the app will give them details about the air quality in the area. “These image features are chosen to match with the human perception of colour and texture of the sky. Further, machine learning techniques are applied to estimate the air quality index (AQI) of the image captured by the user. To increase our accuracy we even combine meteorological features like humidity,” says Khanna.

These Apps Will Aid Millennials to Combat Mental Health

Amidst the chaos and stress of daily life, it is very easy to forget yourself, to lose your sanity. In fact, most of the times people feel that technology has filled their lives with uncertainty and anxiety and they feel that despite the progress in science and fields much beyond, to say that our lives have transformed for the better is subject to questions and arguments.

5 Marketing Tips to Strengthen Your Position in the Mobile App Industry

Marketing is one of the most important tools in the business ecosystem these days. It is not a magic wand that can set anything straight and right with the swirl of a stick. Marketing requires a series of intelligent moves and playing your cards right. Moreover, coming to the app industry, in which different apps are mushrooming every day, it is important to understand which marketing strategy works best and how one can make them work.

Indian Americans and Their Love for Apps

Leading world’s biggest technology companies such as Microsoft, Google and Adobe isn’t the only might of Indian Americans. When Ajay Bhatt invented the USB and Vinod Dham created the Intel Pentium processor, the world knew little that Indian Americans could also make a dent in the apps ecosystem.

As India’s bright minds moved to the United States to live the American Dream, their technological strength was further fuelled by an advanced tech atmosphere in the Silicon Valley. This fine blend led to Indian Americans also experimenting to create some of the world’s simplest and most favorite apps.

5 Ways You Could Monetize Your Mobile Apps

Every business that is online is there to make money. They all try different ways and strategies to get the best ROI. There is a huge difference in the way people do business today. Now it is easier to shop online or get anything done through the apps. You name it and there is an app for it. With mobile apps, it has become easy to make more money. Mobile apps are one of the fastest ways to get to the targeted audience. People make good enough money with Apps they develop.

Customers love apps because they make their life easy and fast. For example; If you want to buy groceries, you don't need to go to the store, you just need an app that allows you to order your groceries, that will be delivered at your doorstep. Here are some tips for you to make money making easy with app development.

5 Reasons Why Mobile App is More Than a 'Nice to Have' for Small Businesses

If you’re a small business owner and think that having a basic website or a Facebook page is enough to attract new customers, then you’re wrong!

In fact, businesses who limit their presence to a website risk the buy and bye scenario. Picture this, for example. - a customer finds you on mobile search, makes a purchase, and disappears (maybe forever).

How to Optimize Your Google Play Store App Details Page

There are tons of content about ASO in the Internet and the amount grows every day. App stores (Apple App Store & Google Play Store) are becoming bigger (and more competitive) and they grow exponentially.

ASO (acronym of App Store Optimization) is a reality and, according to our experience with PickASO agency and our own mobile apps, ASO is a 100% MUST for any app developer or marketer.

5 ways to conduct a competitive analysis for app install ad creatives

When running mobile app install ads, your creatives matter.

Chances are you already have some frequent meetings with your team to review your current creatives’ performance and find new iterations or creatives concepts to test for your facebook install ads.

A look at video creatives from top fitness apps

In this third post of our series focusing on ad creatives used for different kind of apps, we take a look at what kind of app install campaigns fitness apps are running on in-app ad networks.

With new year resolutions, January is a big month for fitness apps. But the competition is high pretty much all year round so it’s interesting to see how they advertise.

How to Create the Best Mobile Game App Preview videos

We’ve been writing quite extensively about App Preview guidelines and best practices.

A LOT of games have a video on their iOS App Store listing, and it’s interesting to take a closer look at game App Previews specifically. One of the reasons is that it seems that’s where Apple gives the most flexibility to developers and publishers, who therefore experiment more.

AppTweak has been kind enough to share with us some data from their ASO tool, which allowed us to get some key numbers to analyze throughout this post. And as usual, you get several cool examples for inspiration.

Optimizing your creative assets for Google App campaigns (UAC)

Performance marketing is moving to a more algorithmic and AI-based approach.

This is true for several ad networks, and even more for the 2 giants that are Facebook and Google.

Facebook has AEO (App Event Optimization) campaigns. With Google App campaigns (formerly Universal App Campaigns – UAC), the way to run mobile app campaigns with Google radically changed.

Here Are The 3 Biggest Trends To Watch In Mobile This Year (2019)

In 2019, there are three big buckets to watch for around the evolution of mobile marketing:

Machine Learning
Location-Based Marketing

We’ll go one-by-one.

The 2019 App Marketing Guide Is Here

If you’ve frequented the Localytics' blog over the past 4 years then you know that each new year brings a new app marketing guide to serve as a roadmap for your mobile marketing strategy.

2019 is no exception to that rule. Our team’s been hard at work pulling together the top mobile trends and insights we saw during 2018 so that you know where to focus your efforts this year.

And while you’ll have to check out the guide for yourself to get the full download, here’s a preview on what we found:

8 Mobile Apps for Successful Road Trips from Origin to Destination

Road trips often make for cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and better bonding experiences than traveling by plane. Sometimes taking the family or a group of friends on a long road trip is the best way to spend a holiday and see different places in your state or throughout the country (or many different countries, with passport in hand). However, road trips can also be stressful if you’re not prepared.

Luckily, modern technology has made road trips A LOT easier and more enjoyable. Several applications for your smartphone or other mobile devices have been specifically designed to aid a road trip crew along its journey. To save you time researching all those apps that will make your road trip as successful and fun as possible, here are 8 of the best to guide you all the way from your origin to your destination!

5 Healthcare Apps Transforming The Industry

If you’re a football fan, something interesting happened this NFL season. More and more, both on game telecasts and popular outlets like Bill Simmons’ podcast, you heard ads for Roman. If you’re not familiar, that’s a discrete, app-based process for getting treated for erectile dysfunction.

This is a sea change in many ways: for decades, we’d almost never associate, or market to, “guys’ guys” watching NFL with any notion that they might have an ED or general health problem. It would be all beer ads, maybe a few snack commercials like Doritos and other “masculine” product placements. That was the game for generations.

5 Ways Apps Improve The In-Store Retail Experience

Around 57% of shoppers use apps while in-store, and it seems pretty apparent there’s a strategy that can be carved out of that retail rock. How do you create in-store functionality within an app? Who’s doing it big in that world?

3 Real Customer Lessons For Mobile Marketers

At Localytics, we're big believers in sharing real mobile stories for you to learn from. Some of the best lessons any mobile app marketer or product owner can learn comes directly from their peers, so we pulled together 3 quick lessons from real customers of ours to showcase for today's blog:

Developing Apps for the Cloud

With the advancement of modern technology, businesses are constantly facing the challenge of staying relevant to the evolving technology.  Provided that the number of customers and transactions is continually growing, the need for better computational platforms has become imminent. With cloud computing, businesses can store large volumes of data comfortably and they can deliver services at scale without going down for maintenance.

Travel App Messaging Gets a Boost in 2018

Considering 57% of U.S. travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences and past behaviors, and 80% of travelers use a smartphone app to research a trip, it follows that mobile app marketing should be a primary focus for travel companies.

In the past, we’ve found that travel app users are among the most loyal in the mobile space. This time around, the tune has changed slightly: users are much more likely to open push and in-app messages and convert, however these users have become slightly tougher to keep around. We dove into our mobile benchmark report for the second half of 2018 to get a better sense for how the data is trending and why, uncovering the some fascinating insights in the process.

How Mobile Apps Transformed Modern Day Travel

Now think about your life while traveling for a second. Ask yourself a couple of questions:

Before the trip, how did you look at fares? You might have used a laptop, sure, but many of those “Where are we headed next?” discussions happen over nights out with friends. So did you check on airfare and hotel on your phone? A Kayak? Expedia? Or heavyweight app AirBNB?

8 Apps That Help You Do Good

We love flashy tech and sexy cool stuff, of course, because we’re all only human. Instagram is often cited as the worst social media for mental health, especially in younger females, but it’s still massively popular. It’s fun to see pictures of your friends, right?

But if there’s truly always “an app for that,” we can also be using our app ecosystem to give back and make the world a better place right from our smartphone and (potentially) corresponding bank account.

Generating Revenue With Apps

The quote is intense, for sure -- but the fact is, many apps do help you “do good” or change the world, and to be fair, the point of apps is often to drive revenue. Dog-centric apps such as the one in this example tend to generate a strong amount of revenue. Makes sense, as lots of people have dogs, and those same people can’t always be home to walk said dogs, so… a company like Wag, which is app-only, can still be valued at $650 million or more. (And it’s not the only pet-care/dog-walking app on the block, either.)

How Mobile Geofencing Is Transforming Your Deliveries

When marketers talk about geofencing, it’s usually in the context of pushing offers to potential customers when their smartphone enters a specific zone. It’s been a pillar of strategy for retail brands looking to connect with customers in real-time. And for those doing it well, it's paying off in a big way.

25% of Users Abandon Apps After One Use

Times are changing. Apps have become a mainstay for consumers and an effective way for brands to engage with them. That being said, the fight rages on to keep users coming back. Long-term retention has improved quite significantly over the past few years, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that apps are succeeding in the short-term.

Today, we’re providing an update to our app user retention study, which measures loyalty and abandonment across our user base of 12,000 apps. But, first, our key definitions:

Top Non-Game Apps Worldwide for May 2019 by Downloads

The most downloaded non-game app worldwide for May 2019 was WhatsApp with more than 64.7 million installs. The full top 10 ranking of apps worldwide by downloads for May 2019 is above. App download estimates are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

Messenger was the second most installed non-game app worldwide last month with more than 60.7 million downloads. Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat made up the rest of the top five most installed non-game apps last month.

Top Non-Game Apps in the U.S. for May 2019 by Downloads

The most downloaded non-game app in the United States for May 2019 was Snapchat with more than four million installs, which represented a 35 percent increase from May 2018. The full top 10 ranking of apps in the U.S. by downloads for May 2019 is above. App download estimates are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

How a Mobile App Supports Practice Management?

Managing the patients and staff is the most important part of a hospital. A practice management system in healthcare (PMS) can efficiently manage several tasks like booking the appointments for patients, assigning them the respective doctors, paying the bills, saving patient’s reports, giving online prescriptions, etc. This will reduce the workload of your administrative staff and they can focus on various other tasks. For instance, one of the ways to book an appointment with the doctors in their available time slot is through patient scheduler software.

According to Statista, a popular online portal for statistics, the numbers of medical apps available on Google Play Store were 37,143 from 2015 to 2019 and these numbers are rising. Statista also estimates that by 2025, the market will grow to about 11 billion dollars. As per InformationWeek, a digital magazine, about 80% of doctors regularly use mobile phones and medical applications.

Walmart mobile app downloaded by 58 million consumers

Walmart unseated Starbucks as the most downloaded mobile pay app with 58 million users, according to a study from Cornerstone Advisors and StrategyCorps. The study said just over 44 million consumers have the Starbucks mobile app on their phones.

Amazon has 54 million mobile app customers, putting it second to Walmart. Millennials are one group that indexed well with Walmart as 30% of the younger Millennials (age 21-29) have the retail giant’s mobile app. Older Millennials (ages 30-38) rank higher with 36% having the Walmart mobile app.

BitFreezer Launches Cold Wallet Mobile App Aimed To Replace Hardware Wallets

On May 31st, 2019, a cold crypto wallet mobile application with ultra-security features was officially introduced to both the App and Google Play Store. Known as BitFreezer, this innovative product allows users to create cold wallets and conduct crypto transactions within the confines of the app itself. This gives users the opportunity to leave behind their cold storage devices and perform all operations securely on their smartphone, effectively placing BitFreezer at the cutting edge of crypto technology.

The 5 Pitfalls of Mobile App Marketing

Human beings most often keep doing things that worked once. It is true for almost every facet of life. Similarly, in businesses, we embrace a strategy that worked successfully a few times.

This is how we give priority to tried and tested strategies. But this approach of repeating a tested and tried strategy again and again to drive growth no longer seems to have all the answers. Modern businesses, especially the ones looking for digital exposure such as mobile presence need to incorporate out of the box approaches to stand out of the competition.

Walmart Canada Introduces Mobile App Self-Checkout

Attention Walmart shoppers—you may now speed through checkout using your mobile app. That would be in one Toronto store where the giant retailer is trying a self-checkout system that uses the My Walmart mobile app. Walmart is no stranger to mobile self-checkout as all its Sam’s Club stores employ its successful Scan and Go smartphone app. Walmart tried this in selected U.S. stores, but then discontinued it. The Canadian version seems very straightforward and has highly visible signage in the initial store. Customer adoption and reaction will be worth watching. Amazon Go stores receive most of the headlines. But mobile app self-checkout systems present a very viable method for retail stores of all sizes. Lower installation costs and the opportunity to further engage customers via a mobile app are two good reasons.

There's a mobile app for everything, including saving you money

ALBANY, Ga. (WFXL) — The old saying is that there are mobile apps for pretty much everything, and that includes apps that can help you save money or reward you for your loyalty.

Have you ever been in the drive thru line at your favorite fast food place or coffee place and thought, ‘wow, I’m here a lot?’

The good news is that most restaurants and even grocery stores have mobile apps that reward your loyalty, which in turn, can save you money in the long run.

Parking meters have gone mobile thanks to new app

SAN ANTONIO - Historic downtown San Antonio has become more modern with a parking app for visitors who enjoy the area.

Downtown visitors can now use the SAPark app to pay for on-street and off-street parking instead of displaying a physical ticket on dashboards.

Flexa launches mobile app for spending cryptocurrency

Flexa has launched a mobile app and payment network to help people spend their cryptocurrency. The company said its app enables immediate and secure cryptocurrency payments at major retailers.

The limited launch will enable instant cryptocurrency payments in stores and online for several retail merchants.

Messaging app partners with Visa for mobile payments, blockchain

Line, a messaging app based in Japan, has partnered with Visa to allow customers to use the Line Pay mobile payments solution through a virtual Visa card. The company is also exploring ways to deliver blockchain experiences with Visa, according to a report by Tech Crunch.

Line has its own cryptocurrency token called Link and a blockchain investment arm. It plans to work with Visa to craft other blockchain tools such as international money transfers.

The companies are also exploring "ways for merchants to interact with the Line Pay service," according to the report.

Best mobile banking features you’ve never heard of that actually rock

If a mobile banking app makes you think of depositing checks and discovering your balance quickly, you’re in good company. These are classic tasks.

Yet, it’s a bit like thinking about a smartphone for its ability to make calls — useful, sure. But there’s tons more to do than the basics, and these new and planned features can actually save you time and money.

Hubitat Unveils Mobile App for Hubitat Elevation Home Automation Platform

The mobile app allows users remote access to their Hubitat Dashboards to monitor and control devices from anywhere with an internet connection. Dashboards can be setup to allow access to specific devices and use cases. Each dashboard can be personalized by changing background images, custom icons, colors and more. For mobile devices used at home, such as tablets, local access to Dashboards provides instantaneous response and updates, connecting directly to the user's Hubitat Elevation hub.

TD Ameritrade mobile app gets equipped with new Dashboard

TD Ameritrade has recently launched a new version (6.0.0) of its mobile app. The updated solution introduces Dashboard (on iPhone only) – a new landing screen with quick access to essential information.

Users of the TD Ameritrade mobile app can see account and markets info in easy-to-browse modules. They can also access the Markets screen from the redesigned More menu.

Mobile apps give the blind and visually impaired a new sense of freedom

Ask anyone who was around before smartphones, and they'll tell you life was different. But for Nutsiri "Earth" Kidkul, who went blind eight years ago, life-changing doesn't begin to describe the impact of mobile apps.

Before specialized apps came along, Kidkul would have to plan and prepare much more for basic tasks like grocery shopping, traveling or reading documents. What's more, Kidkul often needed assistance from other people to go about her day.

Five ways a mobile app can grow your customer base and up-sell existing customers

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to increase sales and grow your customer base. And one proven way to boost your business’ success is by generating a bigger bottom line. An often overlooked way to up-sell existing customers and gain new ones is to offer a mobile app. Apps aren’t just for big brands like Amazon and Starbucks. Many types of businesses can benefit from a mobile app. Here are five ways you can increase your revenue with a mobile app.

The Most Critical Mobile App Security Tips for Application Development Companies

Thanks to overabundance of application development companies, mobile app developers worldwide are constantly feeling the heat of competition. Mobile app security is now an important factor for all of them to stay competitive. As businesses are increasingly going mobile, protecting consumer data and privacy has become a high priority for brands.

So, when building a mobile app, you need to give optimum focus and priority on app security more than anything else. You need to create apps that make users feel at complete ease. This is why we are going to explain some of the key considerations that can boost your mobile app security.

Get Help Creating A Mobile App

Arif Kamal wanted to develop a mobile app that teaches patients how to take their medications safely while watching for signs of addiction.

He had a name for the app: “Symmetry.” And he had an idea of how it would work but needed funding for the project. He got assistance from Duke’s Mobile App Gateway to secure a $500,000 grant with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

Researchers training AI mobile app to detect early signs of oral cancer

Computer scientists have secured funding to develop artificial intelligence that can automatically identify signs of early-stage oral cancer using an existing screening app.

The project will build upon Cancer Research Malaysia's Mobile Mouth Screening Anywhere (MeMoSA) app, which is currently used to capture images of the oral cavity for remote interpretation by oral medicine and surgical specialists. Researchers from the U.K.'s Kingston University and Malaysia's University of Malaya will train a deep learning system to distinguish between thousands of photos with and without signs of oral cancer, then integrate that system into the app.

Avis Car Rental Adds Split Payment Feature to Mobile App

Avis Budget Group, Inc. 's CAR Avis Car Rental has added split payment functionality to the Avis mobile app.

Known as Split My Bill, the new feature enables travelers to divide car rental payments in two different forms. They can now split payment by total bill amount, rental days or additions like SiriusXM Radio any time during their rental period. The feature is available through website as well.

How Barnes & Noble College Engages its Gen Z Customer Through a Mobile App

In episode 198 of Total Retail Talks, Executive Editor Joe Keenan speaks with Ken Wincko, vice president of marketing at Barnes & Noble College, a national college and university bookstore operator with over 1,400 physical and virtual stores. They discuss how Barnes & Noble College's mobile app is helping to improve its Gen Z customers’ shopping experiences — both online and offline — as well as why omnichannel marketing is integral to the company's success.

Mobile App With Activity Tracker Promotes Physical Activity in Women

A mobile phone app designed to promote physical activity, combined with an activity tracker and brief personal counseling, was effective in encouraging women to exercise for three months and to continue their activity for six more months after their app use ended, according to a study by researchers at UC San Francisco.

Once individuals mastered skills and knowledge during the initial intervention, they only needed the accelerometer to continue, not the mobile app, said the researchers in their study online May 24, 2019, in JAMA Network Open.

New mobile app links South Burlington residents to City Hall

City officials have launched a free mobile app called Consensus. It allows them to gather input from residents on various issues, such as whether the city should invest in more bike lanes or build more affordable housing.

The city posts questions via the app, and feedback from residents is gathered and used to give City Council members a window into the community's thinking.

How to Win at Mobile App Testing

A bug-free mobile app is a myth. It is because mobile devices have limitations and overcoming those limitations for any mobile app development company is implausible.

The only thing you can do about bugs is to catch and destroy them before your customers find out.

Typically, a mobile app development service provider has its own limitations; they majorly have to work around what is being given to them by OS providers and mobile device manufacturers.

Shelby County Sheriff’s Office launches new mobile app

“This new app is a vital source of information for residents and it will be a user’s first point of contact with the sheriff’s office,” said Bonner. “The app is easy to navigate, allowing the public to access information to include submitting tips, searching warrants, finding court information or locating points of contacts. It even includes information on how to become a corrections or law enforcement deputy.” 

New app tracks the trackers on your mobile device

Apple is facing a new controversy surrounding user data and I-phone apps, and it's ironic because when it comes to privacy, Apple has taken a firm stance that goes much further than online giants like Amazon, Google and Facebook. In fact, Apple CEO Tim Cook has gone so far as to declare privacy is a human right, shortly before rolling out an ad campaign centered on the slogan "what happens on your I-phone, stays on your I-phone." So it's come as a big surprise to the Apple faithful that there are dozens of trackers running on your I-phone - and delivering the data they gather throughout the day and night.

A test run with a new app called "Disconnect" found over 5,400 trackers had gathered more than 1.5 gigabytes of data in just a single week. Even more troubling, a lot of the tracking isn't necessarily made clear in the privacy policy of the apps you're using. And what happens with all that private information may also not be spelled out in end user agreements. A lot of the time, it was even difficult to track where the data was going, opening up users to the possibility of identity theft or data corruption.

Headset and mobile app treat depression without a pill

A headset and app combination has launched in the U.K. to treat depression.

The headset, developed by Swedish medical device company Flow, relies on a non-invasive form of brain stimulation that sends gentle electric currents into patients’ left frontal lobe in order to “rebalance” their neural activity, according to the company’s website. Categorized as a Class IIa medical device, it’s certified by the British Standards Institute to treat depression in Europe.

ADP Mobile review: How a benefits app should be done

If your employer uses ADP for payroll or benefits, you need the ADP Mobile app. I hate to throw out a conclusion at the beginning of any review, but that's what I think every time I check out a feature or fire it up to see how something is done while I'm writing this, so that's where I'll begin. And that's coming from someone who was skeptical of the need for an app like this in the first place.

A lot of companies use a service that provides payroll, benefits management, and human resources from providers like ADP. It makes sense for a business owner who doesn't want to hire a full staff to help take care of existing employees and can just get those services from a group of pros. For employees, though, it means that you just can't pop in a few cubicles down or catch someone at lunch to discuss your pay or get a vacation day approved. For that, you need a way to "talk" to those human resource providers and planners. The ADP Mobile app is a great way to do it if your employer uses ADP for resource management.

Netflix tests an Instagram-style scrolling feed in its mobile app

One of Netflix's biggest challenges is helping users discover content. To address that, it's testing an Instagram-like scrolling feed that will show trailers, photos and alerts for shows and movies. The feature also encourages users to share those posts on third-party apps.

A Netflix spokesperson told Variety, "We are testing a feed of video extras in our mobile app to help fans connect more deeply with the titles they love and discover new ones to watch. These tests typically vary in length of time and by region, and may not become permanent."

Follow These 3 Powerful Tips to Design Stunning App Icons

Interactive mobile app design can speak thousands of words. Similarly, an app icon can be memorable due to its attractive design. And, people generally remember mobile applications due to their designs. Before heading to know more about the mobile app icon and its importance, let’s quickly go over a few important statistics.

For mobile app developers, it is great news that the mobile app industry is booming. According to the report from Statista, “In 2020, the mobile applications are forecasted to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues through App Stores and in-app advertising.”

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Hire a Top Mobile App Development Company

With the increase of technology and science, the rise of many types of the mobile application is coming to the spotlight. With platforms like OS and Android, developers are currently focused on creating new applications, which will benefit the user from all levels. Therefore, designing, creating and building mobile applications require a great deal of attention and concentration. This is something the reputed and the well-known mobile app development company takes it seriously. Their team of skilled and professional technicians and developers, work their very best to provide an application to their clients. So, the clients are satisfied with the product they happen to receive, and the hour of hard work pays off well.

Mobile App Users Expect Better App Search and Recommendation Experience

A lot goes into Mobile app development. Yet, there is not much research done on how mobile app consumers are likely to search and recommend an app! For mobile users, user experience is everything. But, how do you first help these users with app discovery in the first place? There are countless tutorials on the current trends on Mobile app UI/UX; but are these really helping people find the right app for their activities. That’s where Mobile Marketing teams seem to be losing their revenue opportunities. App store search marketing is a phenomenal tactic to understand consumer attitudes throughout the App Discovery stages. 

JP Morgan Shutters Its Mobile Bank App, Finn

A year after launching  Finn, it's mobile banking app geared toward younger consumers, JPMorgan Chase is throwing in the towel.

The Wall Street bank is folding Finn into its Chase digital banking app after a failed attempt to lure younger consumers to the bank. The idea behind Finn was to develop an app that would handle easy transactions for millennials and younger customers. Humans would be on hand in branches for more complex financial matters.

Nielsen’s YouTube Mobile App Measurement Expands Globally

NEW YORK—Nielsen is going international with its Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings tool for the YouTube mobile app, announcing that its advertising measurement service is now available to an additional 26 markets, bringing its total reach to 34 global markets.

It’s the end of the road for Google’s excellent Trips mobile app

Earlier this week, Android Police spotted code in the Android app that hinted at its impending doom; subsequently, ZDNet reported that the company noted in a support page that Trips will no longer work after August 5.

That’s a bummer, not only because of how useful Trips had already become, but also because of its immense potential. I spent the past month away from home, in Europe, and I extensively relied on it to follow my itinerary and what I could do at each of my destinations.