Software Name
Price range
Software Version
Founded year
Appy Pie
Price range $7 - $33/month
Software Version Free version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2012
Price range $19 - $149/month
Software Version Free trial
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2010
Price range $41 - $57/month
Software Version Money back guarantee
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2010
Price range Custom
Software Version Free version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2001
Price range $3 - $99/month
Software Version Free version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2008
Price range $499 - $2999/month
Software Version One time fee option
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2010
Alpha Software
Price range $1499 - $2499/year
Software Version One year contract
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2000
Price range $35 - $150/month
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2011
Price range $41 - $49/month
Software Version One month contract
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2010
Unity Technologies
Price range $75/month
Software Version Free version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2003





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14 Best Mobile App Testing Tools for Android & iOS in 2019

Mobile application testing is an essential part of every application development lifecycle and no app developer and company can stand to miss this stage. In the testing period, the testing team looks at the functionality and different elements like execution, security, etc. of an application.

Recognized bugs and issues are then reported to the app developers to get them settled as soon as possible.

If you’re confused about how to test your mobile application, or perhaps you are lost among the many mobile application testing tools and don’t understand which to pick.

So, we have created this article to help you choose the best testing tools for both Android and iOS apps.

Top Mobile App Design Tools

Mobile app design is a crucial phase during development and a mobile app’s UI can make or break the application. Delivering a great user experience should be your number one priority as a mobile app developer as it has a powerful and direct impact on your user engagement, conversion rates, and consequently revenues.

There are many mobile app design tools that help you sketch your mobile app wireframes, create prototypes, and bring them to life. Below we list the top mobile app design tools that are essential to your mobile app development process to take your app to the next level.

18 Top App Makers to Create Your Own Mobile App – Without a Single Line of Code

We’ve been following the website builder market for more than five years now and creating a simple website is not really much of a problem these days. But does the same hold true for mobile apps? Can it be possible to create a mobile app without having a clue about programming languages?

While my wife was toying with the idea of creating a mobile app for her museum website, we took the opportunity to try out some of the best app builders on the market. There really is no shortage of companies offering this kind of service; we easily found more than 30.

Choosing Best Mobile Application Development Tools

You probably would have installed a mobile app on your smartphone and wondered about its ingenious nature. One of the key reasons for the incredible performance of a mobile app is the incorporation of the right mobile application development tools right in the build stage. So, how can you choose the right mobile application development tools?

10 cross platform mobile development tools for enterprises

With so many mobile devices proliferating in the enterprise, organizations that want to create applications to boost their workers' productivity can find the task challenging. Curating cross-platform mobile development for any number of systems is no treat for a company's cadre of developers.

That's why the market is growing development tools that can create apps capable of running across mobile platforms. Demand for those tools is expected to jump in the coming years. Forrester estimates that more than 60 percent of enterprises are already engaged in cross-platform development, and IDC forecasts that the market for cross-platform development tools will increase at a compound annual growth rate of more than 38 percent, reaching $4.8 billion by 2017. Meanwhile, Gartner expects more than 20 million enterprise apps to be developed by 2018.

op 26 Prototyping Tools For Your Mobile App Design in 2019

Everyone who is in one way or the other involved with the mobile app development process, understands the importance of a working prototype. A crucial part of any user interface design, mobile app prototype, is a representation of how an application would flow from one screen to other is something that can not just come in handy for a team of mobile app developers and designers looking to understand the mobile app idea but also prototypes come in handy when looking to raise funds for your app project.

Now that we have very slightly peeked into the benefits that mobile app prototyping offers – something that we would look into much details later, it is time to objectify the piece.

Top Absolutely Necessary Mobile App Development Tools and Platforms of 2019 To know

What are the most popular tools used by mobile app developers? The mobile app market is growing at a speed faster than ever. Every business, irrespective of the size and type, is coming up with its own customized app to suit the needs of their mobile customers.

If you are also looking to build your own mobile app, you can read here about some awesome (and mostly free) mobile app development tools and platforms.

Top 5 Tools for Multi-Platform Mobile App Development

Cross-platform app development tools are programs that let you build apps for more than one platform, like apps for Android and iOS, using the same code base. The reason cross-platform mobile development tools are so handy is because there are so many different types of devices out there. If you want to release your app on as many app stores as possible so that lots of phones and tablets can use it, you'll need the app to support multiple platforms.

In other words, you will miss out on potential users if your app doesn't run on their devices. A cross-platform app builder can save you from needing to program the same app in different languages and in different mobile app making programs.

Top 10 Cross Platform Mobile App Development Tools

Considering coding your idea to success? Well, everyone wants it, but few only truly succeed. While there could be a sea of factors that hold the key to success of an app strategy, a significant one that rarely gets the attention of entrepreneurs today is the type of app development tool to use. The diversity and quality of its plugin libraries and APIs, and other compatibility and integration aspects, play a big role in that.

With platform and device diversity ruling the mobile landscape, cross-platform app development has emerged as a commercially viable option. Contrary to native app development, a single code composition created with a cross-platform development tool can be used to target multiple platforms or devices. Hence, it helps you not just containing the cost of technology investment, but also the hassles involved with updating and managing the portfolio of apps in your business.

5 Mobile App Development Tools

There are several app building platforms that develop apps without digging a hole in the customer’s pocket. It is important to choose the right platform for building a mobile app. We’ve put together top five mobile app development tools that are popular in the industry.

List of Best Mobile App Development Tools in Current Industry

The mobile app industry is brewing at a speed faster than ever before. As a result, every business is coming up with its own customized app to retain mobile customers. Irrespective of the size and type, apps are running efficiently with suitable performance, according to the users need. The key reasons for the incredible performance of a mobile app are the incorporation of the right mobile application development tools.

The amalgamation of right mobile application development tools in the build stage acts as a resourceful mobile app. There are a number of applications developing a platform /tool that helps to create exclusive mobile apps. These tools help to create apps out of the box that includes hundreds of existing templates to run fast. There are many advance app building platforms that develop apps without getting dependent on investors or customer investment.

26 Best Mobile App Development Tools in 2019

There is a plethora of Mobile App development tools to create your favorite app. Here is a curated list of Top Mobile App Tools with key features and download links.

We have covered tools in the following categories.

Top Mobile App Development Framework in 2019

There has been a paradigm shift in implementing the rightful business strategies. Most enterprises are switching from desktop websites to mobile applications, which is a fast-track passage to reach the targeted audiences. However, the mobile app industry is also going through one of the most competitive phases where the selection of the right framework along with an apt platform and development strategy becomes pivotal.

Over the years there has been a steady increase in the number of programming languages for both Android as well as iOS Operating Systems. In fact, the cross-platform app development has also gained momentum and one can certainly credit the best of the frameworks for this major transformation. The frameworks also play a crucial role in converting an Android app into an iOS app and vice-versa.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular mobile app development frameworks that will become a major tool for the developers in 2019 and beyond.

Best Mobile App Development Tools for 2019

The prospects in the world of mobile app development has never been brighter with technologies getting smarter every coming day. Due to incredible breakthroughs and sensational innovations, the role of mobile apps is growing intense rapidly, becoming more engaging than ever.

Any company selling products or servicesand expecting exponential growth find it viable to build a dedicated mobile app that looks after their business goals. However, developing great mobile apps requires in-depth analysis of needs and resources to support the dream.

The Best App Maker & Development Solution Comparisons

Customers want to interact with businesses, including small businesses, through convenient mobile apps, but most SMB don’t have in-house app developers on the payroll. Luckily, there are lots of affordable app creation software services targeted towards small and medium-sized businesses. SaaS companies in the app maker category aim to do for SMB what visual website designers did for companies back in the day. 

Using app creation software allows you to create customized consumer and employee-facing apps without becoming a master-coder. Our best picks include Zoho Creator, iBuild App, Appy Pie and IntellectSoft. You can learn more about each of them below, or scroll down to read our reviews of all our top-rated app makers.

Best mobile app building platforms and tools

If you've got a great app-worthy idea but your coding skills are minimal, and overflowing mounds of venture capital are conspicuously absent, getting started with an easy-to-use app development platform is your best bet.  With instructive guidance on tap, and an abundance of templates to choose from, you'll be able to create good looking mobile apps in no time.

Read next: How to become an iOS developer and How to become an Android developer. In no particular order, here is our top pick of the mobile app building platforms and tools out there.  

10 excellent platforms for building mobile apps

If you've ever wanted to build an app after thinking up a brilliant idea, you're in the right place. Sure, the fear of coding can push you to not act on building your own app or to put off looking for the best app building software. Well, the good news is that it's easier than ever to enter the mobile app market — no coding knowledge or experience required.

Whether it's for your business, blog, product, service, or just something totally random, app creation software options are both plentiful and easy to find, if you know where to look.