Software Name
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Founded year
Ormuco Stack
Price range
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0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2008
Drawbase Software
Price range
Software Version Free Demo
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 1986
Price range $195.00/month
Software Version Free Demo
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2015
Price range
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2016
Device Pilot
Price range $99.00/month
Software Version Free Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2013
Sky Spark
Price range $60.00/one-time
Software Version Free Demo
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2009
Price range
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 1985
Price range $99.00/month/user
Software Version Free Trial
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 2014
Esprida Enterprise
Price range $15.00/mont
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year 1999
AssetPro 360
Price range
Software Version
0.0/5.0 0 users
Founded year

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The evolution of the Watson IoT Platform

Thinking intelligently about the business of ‘things’ means you’re balancing short-term success with long-term strategy; you don’t want to compromise. Businesses often make the mistake of acquiring a mix of point solutions only to find themselves with multiple siloes from multiple vendors that limit interoperability, security and scale.

Global IoT Platforms Market and Internet of Things

Orbis Research Present’s Global IoT Platforms Market and Global Internet of Things (IoT) Security Market 2019 by Company, Regions, Type and Application, Forecast to 2024enhances the decision making capabilities and helps to create an effective counter strategies to gain competitive advantage.

Why are IoT platforms so darn confusing?

Lots of vendors are eager to sell enterprises an “IoT platform,” but it’s not always clear exactly what those “platforms” actually do, why you need one, and which one you should choose. As Hackernoon put it in April 2018:

Why IoT Platform Alliances Are Becoming an M&A Alternative

The IoT platform market in recent years has witnessed a near-constant emergence of new players, along with occasional mergers and acquisition as larger companies sought to expand their platforms in new directions.

Top 25 IoT Startups To Watch In 2019

The most successful IoT startups selling into enterprises excel at orchestrating analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real-time monitoring to deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a group, these top 25 IoT startups are showing early potential at enabling profitable new business models, revitalizing industries that have experienced single single-digit growth recently. Each of these startups is taking a unique approach to solving some of the enterprises’ most challenging problems, and in so doing creating valuable new patents that further fuel IoT adoption and growth.

8 of the Best IoT Platforms to Watch for in 2019

If you were to go by media hype alone, it wouldn’t be out of order to believe that big Internet players are dominating the IoT space. While Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS are quite popular, it is way too early to declare them as IoT platform leaders.

To clarify, there are so many IoT platform providers making headlines every day, that each one brings something unique to the table. In the interest of developers, here are a few emerging providers.

Best IoT Platforms To Look Out For In 2019

Internet of Things or the IoT technology is an organization of interconnected computing devices, entities, automatic and digital machinery, individuals or creatures that are provided with UIDs (unique identifiers), and the ability to transfer data or information through a network without any need of interactions between human to human and human to a computer device.

The objective of a single IoT device is to create a connection with other IoT devices and applications to communicate information via internet transfer protocols. Now, there are many companies involved in the building of IoT platforms. Here we have listed a few of them for your reference.

10 Best IoT Platforms in 2019

Internet of Things (IoT) is among the fastest growing industries in the present time. We can see connected device in our homes and offices, even now Indian car manufacturers are using IoT solution to connect our cars to offer smarter and effective commute.

The objective of connecting devices using IoT is to communicate information. This implementation involved in building IoT platform and there are some giants and top IoT players that we talked previously 5 best IoT platforms, now we are looking ahead for some more players in the industry with some unique features.

5 IoT Predictions for 2019

As more IoT platforms begin to better align with major cloud providers, there’s never been more opportunity for IoT success. 2019 should be an exciting year as organizations continue to transform their businesses with IoT technology.

Top 5 IoT Platforms To Watch Out In 2019

Internet of Things, one of the fastest growing technologies, is making a big difference in the world. Now we have a number of connected devices, gadgets, and appliances. They are the things with internet connectivity providing them the ability to sense, communicate, interact, and collaborate with other things and create a network of physical objects. This level of implementation requires building an IoT platform which supports software connecting edge hardware, access points and data networks with other parts of the value chain otherwise known as user-end applications. They are also referred as the middleware solutions, the plumbing of IoT.

10 Best Internet of Things (IoT) Cloud Platforms

You might be a developer, a startup co-founder, or a business manager, and wondering how you can benefit from coming revolution of the ’Internet of Things‘ (IoT).

At the moment, the internet is run mainly by humans. The majority of communication, messages, and data is happening between people, through desktops, laptops, and smartphones. This is changing. A whole new category of devices is starting to take over the internet. These devices aren’t run by people and don’t send messages to people either. They are machines that talk to other machines, and they’ve been given the simple name ’Things‘.

IoT Cloud Platform Landscape

Find and compare IoT Cloud Platform providers. Quickly narrow your choices based on your feature requirements, vertical market focus and vendor hardware integrations.

Developing for the Internet of Things is a complex endeavor, and nobody wants to do it from scratch. IoT data platforms offer a jumping-off point by combining many of the tools needed to manage a deployment from device management to data prediction and insights into one service.

Providers of platforms include pure-play 3rd party platforms, hardware vendors, connectivity providers, and system integrators.

Comparing 11 IoT Development Platforms

Check out this post for an easy-to-read table comparing the various features of several popular IoT software platforms.

The top must have skills for an IoT developer

With consumers screaming and queuing up for the next big thing, the Companies are anxious to tap the right talent of software developers with the required skill sets. The next generation of software developers will have to be more than coders--they will have to be intuitive problem solvers who can see the big picture, who recognize that the landscape is constantly changing, and who realize it is their responsibility keep up. We have curated a summary of top IoT skills needed in today's developer ecosystem. If you are looking to pursue a career in IoT, read through them and get yourself a headstart.

The Ultimate Guide to IoT Terminology

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the connectivity of physical objects such as vehicles, devices, buildings, and electronics, and the networks that allow them to interact, collect and exchange data.

After years of hype and enthusiasm, the IoT has finally gained legitimacy. Now a first step for enterprise and industry innovators looking to develop IoT solutions is knowing the top terms that explain this trend and IoT connectivity.

Top Open Source IoT Development Tools

The internet of things is undoubtedly the next big thing and growing at a staggeringly fast pace, and will eventually revolutionise every aspect of modern life. The pool of creators and aspiring developers of IoT are constantly searching for the right tools to use. So what are the open source tools best suited for working with the IoT, and where can developers find them?

A large number of open source tools are at the disposal of any would-be developer to utilise and build their IoT application around them. We are enlisting some of them with their respective links and available projects if any.

Top 10 IoT Platforms To Watch For In 2018

IoT or internet of things is an organization of interconnected computing devices, automatic and digital machinery, entities, creatures or individuals that are provided with unique identifiers or UIDs, and the capability of transferring data or information through a network without any requirement of interactions between human to human and human to a computer device.

The objective of one IoT device is to create a connection with any other IoT devices and applications to communicate information by means of internet transfer protocols. There are many companies that are involved in building IoT platform, but some giant players like Amazon and Microsoft are a lot ahead of others. Given below are the top 10 IoT platforms for 2018 that you can use for building an app:

Top 10 Popular IoT Development Tools

You will agree with the fact that it is indeed a herculean task to build a complex application, more so when it concerns the use of IoT hardware and software. However, you have ample opportunities that come in the form of development kits and tools that will help you come up with the best practices to build an IoT solution.

Certainly, IoT is the latest buzzword that is doing rounds in the internet-driven space. Going by the numbers, in 2015, there were 15.41 billion IoT connected devices which have now grown to 26.66 billion and it is expected to surpass 75 billion devices by 2025. Majority of these devices are used in the healthcare industry or business/corporates and manufacturing industry.

Examples of IoT Applications

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to reshape entire industries. The business value can be profound—ranging from digitizing an organization’s internal operations and customer experience to unlocking disruptive new digital products and business models. McKinsey estimates that IoT could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.

Smart developers should look to IoT platforms to conceive apps

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds the promise of a new wave of app development: IoT apps. It interweaves sensors, connected devices, networking, cloud, and analytics—elements that can be combined in countless ways to yield new applications. The rub is the complexity. Toolsets from platforms like the recently launched Brillo from Google and HomeKit from Apple help to cope with the maze that is the IoT. Smart developers will pay particular attention to the integration of the ecologies and sub-systems across the universe of the IoT.

Top IoT Tools and Platforms for Developers

IoT is the new buzzword. Empowering this new technology requires a vast, networked infrastructure – a task that will require the next several years, and likely longer. The need of IoT apps development is great and so is the innovation required to develop these new IoT platforms. Open source community and Internet of things solutions provider companies have been at the forefront of this new trend, creating software and hardware designs to help developers explore IoT devices and applications.

67 open source tools and resources for IoT

The idea behind open source has been around for years, long before the movement toward open source software in the late 1980s—even before computers and well before the Internet of Things (IoT) tools on the market today. In the early days of automobiles, George Selden owned the patent on the two-cycle gas engine, which meant no auto manufacturers could deviate from Selden's basic design and requirements without a lawsuit.

10 open source software tools for developing IoT applications

The Internet of Things is turning into something of a nebulous concept, as more and more devices enjoy connected status it’s become more difficult to draw a line in the sand between what does and does not constitute as an IoT device.

Smart homes and connected cars can include so many different IoT devices it’s easy to see that this multi-faceted market shows no sign of slowing, and development continues marching towards progress.

13 Best IoT Development Tools 2018

The whirlwind of IoT revolutions and connected devices have engulfed the IT industry today, combining the best of both programming and device hardware. Not only has it opened new promising horizons for IoT developers and companies, but IoT app development also enables creation of remarkable products in narrow time frame. The multifaceted field of IoT is growing into something of an unstoppable drive.

Here is the list of the 13 most significant and popular IDE for IoT app development:

Top 20 IoT Platforms in 2018

After learning what is the internet of things and learning about its fundamental components it’s time to choose an appropriate IoT platform. But first you should learn a bit about IoT hardware.

10 Best IoT Platforms To Watch Out In 2019

What is an IoT Platform? A multi-layer technology which is used to manage and automate the connected devices is known as the IoT platform. In other words, it is a service which helps you in bringing the physical objects online. This platform will provide you with the services to connect the devices for a machine to machine communication.

Top 20 Innovative & Helpful IoT Software To Boost Your IoT Potential

No matter whether you’re a tech professional like a wannabe hobbyist or me, chances are you’ve heard the word IoT a thousand of times. It stands for Internet of Things, a high-tech technology that allows almost every electronic circuits of your home to be used as a smart real-time platform. By using powerful embedded programming languages, you can develop innovative and awe-inspiring applications for your IoT platform of choice. On the plus side, thanks to its day to day increasing traction in the industry, a consistent number of amazing iot software are available. Such modern-day IoT software aims to improve the development speed of your Internet of Things and provides an excellent tool for boosting productivity at the same time.