Company Name
Avg hourly rate
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
5.0/5.0 1 users
Location DALLAS, Texas, United States
20% Mobile App Developement
Mutual Mobile
Avg hourly rate $151.00 - $200.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Austin, Texas, United States
35% Mobile App Developement
Impiger Technologies
Avg hourly rate $25.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 250 - 1000
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Richardson, Texas, United States
40% Mobile App Developement
Copper Mobile
Avg hourly rate $101.00 - $149.00/hr
Employees 50 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
30% Mobile App Developement
OTS Solutions
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
10% Mobile App Developement
Sphinx Solutions
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
25% Mobile App Developement
SwiftKick Mobile
Avg hourly rate $100.00 - $149.00/hr
Employees 2 - 9
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Austin, Texas, United States
70% Mobile App Developement
Arka Softwares
Avg hourly rate $0.00 - $25.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Dallas, Texas, United States
40% Mobile App Developement
Nimble AppGenie
Avg hourly rate $26.00 - $50.00/hr
Employees 51 - 250
5.0/5.0 1 users
Location Houston, Texas, United States
40% Mobile App Developement
Virtual Team India
Avg hourly rate $51.00 - $100.00/hr
Employees 11 - 50
0.0/5.0 0 users
Location Georgetown, Texas, United States
5% Mobile App Developement

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What would your UI theme be?
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  • Animated UI
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How will your users sign up and login into the app?
  • Email ID and Password
  • Via Social Networks
  • Using 2 Step Authorization
  • No Sign Up Required
Will you allow users to complete a profile?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
How do you wish to secure your app?
  • MVP Versions
  • Basic Security
  • Encrypted Options Communication
  • Complete Protection
Do people rate or review things?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I don't know
Which 3rd party services do you need to integrate with?
  • Social Networks
  • Media
  • Location
  • ecommerce (Existing Online Store)
Where do you want to save your application data?
  • A New Database(mySQL, MongoDB etc)
  • An Existing Database
  • Cloud Database(Fit for simpler MVPs)
  • I don't know
Do people rate or review things?
  • User Management
  • Content Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Notification Control
  • Activity feeds or user walls
  • Shopping Cart
  • Search Option
  • Referral System
  • Chatting Function
  • Integration (CRM, Marketing)
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DxMinds developed a mobile app for my eCommerce store,as they build with the latest technologies and they ensure with provided services.The product delivers was awesome and the team responded very well.

Robert William
Owner | SelfBusiness
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I have worked with his dedicated team for a years. The teams are really dedicated and very helpful.



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When users want to play a game, buy a product, find a location on the map, or do any number of other tasks, they use their desktop or laptop computer or their mobile phone without giving much consideration to the applications that are running the process – as long as their experience is seamless. The best way to enhance the overall effect the user realizes is for the product owner to understand the various types of mobile app development and the advantages each brings to our ever-evolving connected world.

Key Android and iOS UI Design Guidelines for React Native

Since it was launched a few years ago, React framework almost became an instant success with developers all around the globe, finding it useful for cross-platform app development. Soon, React, keeping all its core capabilities intact further came with a more helpful library for native development across both iOS and Android, two leading mobile OS platforms. Well, since then React Native almost became the de-facto standard library for app developers to build robust cross-platform apps with specific native design elements.

React Native is now considered to be the most powerful platform for building feature-rich, scalable and native platform optimized apps for multiple mobile OS platforms by using the same codebase. The best thing about this framework is that while it allows cross-platform development with ease, it never misses out the platform-specific design elements that make React Native great.

9 Tips for Choosing the Best Application Development Company

As technology keeps advancing, the world has become a smaller place. Especially with those applications launching into the market everyday ease up all daily tasks. Be it shopping, net banking, or as entertaining as gaming; these applications have managed to be a constituent of our lives. Nowadays, it is quite trendy to venture into making apps. Some have skills and are well acquainted with the procedure of app development while some come up with excellent ideas but hesitate to execute them. This is what basically an application development company like PhoneGap developers strive and work for.

Important Tips to Reduce Your Mobile App Development Cost

Would you like to build up a mobile application for your business, the development cost is a concern? All things considered, the facts demonstrate that building up a mobile application is certifiably not a shabby undertaking. Indeed, numerous organizations and new companies are attempting to make sense of how to decrease mobile application development cost without bargaining the nature of the application.

Most of the times app owners want to create futuristically, thus, they want to bring more features in a single application but they landed up with an empty box of high development cost. This is the reason, we chose to compose a committed post on the most proficient method to lessen versatile application advancement cost.

VP of Technology, Dan Nichols on What’s Possible with Tech

Expansive tech audit? Green field product exploration? Bring it. Dan is a Jack-of-all-Trades and a master of…everything? Whether he’s meticulously redlining, diving into new market strategies, optimizing tech processes, or using his design roots, Dan is an innovator by nature and a leader by example after example after example…

3 Reasons Imposter Syndrome Thrives in Tech (and How Tech Companies Can Fight Back)

Imposter syndrome and the tech industry: it’s real. What is it about innovation work, and work culture, that cultivates this mental health phenomenon?

According to research cited in Tech Republic, 70% of people, in general, feel imposter syndrome at some point in their lives. In an informal survey of over 10,000 tech workers, the social media site Blind found 58% of those surveyed experience “imposter syndrome.” They felt unprepared for their roles and anxious about being “outed” as frauds.

It’s not only a good idea to take a deeper dive into this unique species of anxiety, and its vulnerabilities. It’s equally as important to present solutions tech companies can put in place to support and retain the best people who make the biggest impact.

5 Ways Data Visualization Benefits Businesses

You’re at a new building site. A line of trucks back up and dump an assortment of raw materials on the lot. Sheets of plywood amid the girders and beams. Tangles of plumbing bits and electrical fixtures. Screws and nails and fasteners sprinkled over the top. It will take your crew days to manually sort the pieces before the build can begin. Big data is like that–which is why data visualization is more important than ever before.

A huge pile of data can consume and obstruct the project roadmap, despite being exactly what the project needs to be its very best. Until it’s sorted, connected, and applied, data is merely stuff and things. Data visualization, powered by user experience and interaction takes the materials and makes a home. It gives your business the proof it needs to deliver on a vision.

How Do Apps Make Money? Mobile App Monetization Models Revealed

How Do Apps Make Money? Let’s find out…

Do you know how many apps are currently installed on your phone? A number of people will guess a figure between 20 and 30. However, most of the people have over 80 apps installed on their phones.

One of the biggest reasons we don’t pay much attention to how many apps we download is that a large number of these apps are free to download and who can resist a free utility, right? But the brains and businesses behind these apps can’t really be offering free services without any financial gains.

But if they don’t charge you anything for download or use, how do apps make money? We will find the answer to this question in our blog. But, lets first see why every app needs monetization.

What’s the Secret behind Disney’s New Streaming App Hitting 15.5M Downloads?

It is one thing to have potential and another to realize it. When Disney announced its plans to start its very own streaming service (Disney Plus App) back in August 2017, the mass media and entertainment giant was already riding high and most people expected its streaming service to be competitive.

Now, a little over two weeks after its launch, Disney’s subscription-based video streaming service Disney+ has amassed over 15.5M downloads. That’s more than just competitive – that’s hitting the ball out of the stadium – no mean feat!

All You Need To Know About Parking Mobile App Development

A mobile app idea is good enough to invest in if it solves a problem. But, is this the case with parking mobile apps? Should you invest in building a mobile app that solves parking-related problems? Well, it is very crucial to validate an idea before investing in it. So, let’s do that!

As per a report, to find a suitable parking space, drivers in the US spend an average of 17 hours a year. And this hunt for parking space costs $345 per driver in terms of the time involved, fuel exhausted and emissions released.
Here is the list of top 10 cities of the US, where drivers spend the highest number of hours in a year in search of a parking spot.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Stock Trading Apps like Robinhood?

The use of mobile apps is growing in almost all sectors of the economy. And, the stock market is no exception. Gone are the days when investors had to remain dependent on stockbrokers to invest in financial markets. In those times, stock trading was considered the privilege of a few who could comprehend what the finance world was all about.

With the entry of stock trading apps like Robinhood, users can now buy and sell their securities with just a single tap on their mobile screens. This has resulted in what Robinhood terms as the democratization of the stock markets.

How Much Does It Cost to Build Video Streaming Apps Like Netflix?

There were times when television used to be a major source of entertainment. But apps like Netflix disrupted the way in which world consumes its entertainment.

Video streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu took away a major chunk of television viewers. By giving its consumers the convenience of curated on-demand content which they can consume in any way they prefer, Netflix like video streaming apps have caused a major disruption in the TV industry.

As more and more people opt for video streaming services to enjoy the movies and television content, Netflix has emerged as the leader in the segment. As per Fortune, this tech giant currently constitutes around 15% of the internet bandwidth. Started as a modest DVD by mail rental service in the year 1997 by its two founders Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings, today Netflix is the world’s leading internet entertainment service provider.

How Apple Developer App will help iOS Developers and Designers Act Smarter?

Apple released a new resource for more than 23 million members of its developer’s community.

This resource is a dedicated mobile app that will help the iOS app developers and designers in many ways. The app is names as Apple Developer App and is basically an expansion of the company’s WWDC app which it has replaced in the Apple store.

In recent years, we have seen Apple making a conscious effort to expand its international developers’ community by investing in local accelerators and developer academies. With the new app focused on bringing all the relevant content to the developers and designers in a mobile friendly manner, it is evident the company is just as focused on its developers and designers as its users.

According to Apple’s official app release statement, App Developer is aimed at providing round the clock information on the goings on in the developers’ scene, WWDC content, informative video clips along with in depth information from the company’s experts throughout the year.

10 Successful Apps Built with Flutter Framework

Can you judge a framework by its name? Well, if that name’s Flutter, you definitely can! Google’s much-celebrated UI developmental software has been creating a real flutter on the mobile app scene for the past few years, with apps built with Flutter winning accolades all around!

Flutter is widely hailed as one of the best and easiest cross-platform app development platforms around. While the framework is still pretty new, it offers features like a super-fast renderer (reportedly 120 frames per second), Google support for framework ecosystem and excellent utility for creating native UI for both Android and iOS apps.

All these features have played a big role in making Flutter the hottest trend in the mobile app development industry today. But, should you use flutter for developing your business app? The question haunts a number of budding entrepreneurs and developers who are planning to make an app to accelerate their business.

How a Single Page Application Can Help Boost Your Business?

User experience has become a real game-changer for online businesses around the world. Increasing competition in the online business segment with the entry of new players along with declining retention time among users, prompt businesses to go for faster web applications that load in no time.

According to the Developers at Google, the performance of a website plays a significant role in ensuring the success of an online business. In a study named DoubleClick, Google found that 53% of mobile users visiting a site were abandoning it if a page took more than 3 seconds to load. That’s less than the blink of an eye!

And this is the worst failure any online venture can face.

Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out in 2020

What Mobile App Development Trends will rule the year 2020? Let’s find out!

The year 2019 was wonderful in terms of technological advancements – from IOT offering investment opportunities to AI Mobile Apps making you old – there is a lot that we have seen and experienced this year.

And, it is needless to say that all that happened in the year 2019, will shape the mobile app development world in the years to come. With the advent of smartphones, businesses around the world are juggling to find new opportunities and technologies to get traction and hold on to the wide smartphone user base.

Today, the mobile holds the power to increase the visibility of a brand by million folds and every entrepreneur is trying hard to take its benefits. As per the tech experts, the mobile app industry is one such industry that is showing massive growth if we talk about numbers.

6 Reasons Why You Should Create React Native Apps in 2020

Why Create React Native Apps in 2020? Here are a few reasons to do so…

Nowadays, mobile applications are mandatory for every modern-age business to succeed in the industry. But, how to build one still remains a question worth discussing. A few entrepreneurs prefer to build native apps for getting out-standing performance while others go for Hybrid app development to get their app up and running ASAP.

While both approaches have their own Pros and Cons – what suits your business needs is something that should decide which way is beneficial for you to go. Native Apps are known for delivering amazing performance with emerging technologies integrated into them and with cross-platform apps, businesses are sky-rocketing their revenues while spending less.

How to Build a Bot? Here is All You Need to Know About It

How to Build a Bot?

The question is asked on Google for more than 1000 times in just one month in the USA only. This exhibits how popular bots are these days and how excited people are to know more about them for taking the advantages.

The modern business world has discovered various uses for bots. From generating leads to increasing user engagement, bots or chatbots have entered the world across various industries.

They are successful engagement tools and when used effectively can build your sales pipeline and can also monetize your social accounts. But, How to Build a Bot to get its maximum benefits? We will find the same in this article.

Cloud Firestore Firebase Basics and Getting Started Android Tutorial

Introduction to Cloud Firestore Firebase Android App Tutorial

Cloud Firestore is the newest Google’s NoSQL database that Google now uses instead of Firebase. Unlike the Firebase database, Firestore features a more intuitive data model, a more comprehensive and faster set of queries, more extensive security rules, automatic scalability, and performance improvements.

In this hands-on tutorial, we demonstrate using a Firestore database for a corporate mailing list Android application. This app is a utility mobile client that lets a user create and read Contact information. The application is intended to be simple enough to grasp the basic concepts and quickly get started with Firestore.

The app uses a RecyclerView to display a large set of Contacts in scrolling list. Each Contact is contained in a CardView using a reusable Android style for a custom look and feel.

Digital Transformation and Complex Layouts Made Easy with Flutter

Now more than ever before, businesses need to be a part of the mobile space. For customers, it is no longer acceptable for a company not to have undergone some form of digital transformation. People want quick and easy access to everything from their bank account to the lock on their front door. Whether they are at home, work, or vacation, people have come to expect every service to be available from their mobile device. This can be a challenge for businesses and developers because the demand for services is constant, and the mobile space often requires rapid change.

One of the frequently encountered hurdles is the demand for fluid, beautiful, and practical design. A user interface may need to be updated often to achieve this. When mobile started, designs were simple and applications often only had a single screen, but now mobile apps are expected to do so much more. Interfaces can become quite complex to develop even when they are simple to use.

iOS 13: Get Your Mobile App Ready Today

With the new release of iOS 13 and Xcode 11, we could expect excellent features, new devices, cool things to try but at the same time, some of the updates could be disrupting for your app if not taking the appropriate care.

The most evident is the new dark mode, which is a very cool feature. This mode on Android is now widely adopted not only because of the appearance but also because of the significant battery savings that you could achieve by avoiding super bright colors on specific displays. So definitely is something you would like to design for your app. If you don’t want to adopt dark mode or while migrating your iOS apps to support dark mode, you better disable it initially or at least do not rely on the default colors. Otherwise, you could find weird scenarios in your UI; for example, you may find black text over black background

Kotlin 1.3 is an Exciting Option for Android Mobile Apps Development

Kotlin is a new programming language, it is designed to interoperate fully with Java. It offers a more concise syntax for developers, but also, it can improve the quality of your app due that its null safety checks, by default it won’t allow any property to be null preventing the most common error in Java/Android applications, the famous NullPointerException.

Kotlin is mainly used for Android development, and it has been adopted for most of the developers and companies because it offers a better and concise programming syntax which makes developers more comfortable writing code, also it is preferred because its stability preventing the common errors seen in a Java program, but also, because it is easy to switch to iOS development given that Kotlin syntax is very similar to Swift.

Here is a couple of examples that compare Java vs Kotlin, you will notice that Kotlin requires much less code and it is easier to read.

SwiftUI with iOS 13: Achieve A Beautiful UI with Less Work

Swift UI was one of the most exciting announcements at WWDC 2019. This new framework makes it easier and faster for developers to build better user interface code with fewer errors, providing nearly automatic support for device capabilities like Dark Mode, advanced Accessibility and Dynamic Type among others.

TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha Seriously Improves the Customer Experience

TensorFlow is a Machine Learning cross-platform that has started to be adopted widely worldwide. Even though TensorFlow was just released by Google in 2015, it has grown from a software library of machine learning to an entire ecosystem to support different types of Machine Learning, such as deep learning, complex neural networks, AI, just to mention some examples.

The TensorFlow 2.0 Alpha is available today. The newest features include the introduction of Keras, a high-level and user-friendly API  standard for Machine Learning that simplifies the process of building and training models to be used by beginners and experts.  With TensorFlow 2.0, Google is pursuing to improve usability and clarity, at the same time, they had listened to the developers who claimed for more documentation of the library.

Augmented Reality is Finally Accessible on Mobile with Google’s ARCore

During Google I/O 2019, one of the most attractive announcements was about Augmented Reality.  Each year, more people are getting access to technology, so the market for technology creators is expanding; us, the Tech Companies, have the mission to bring this cutting-edge technology to the world, and one way to do this is through mobile apps.

ARCore is Google’s platform for building AR experiences using Android, Unity, Unreal, or iOS as development environments.  The goal of ARCore is to provide a platform that developers and companies can use to start building AR apps. Sceneform is part of the development tools suite whose goal is to make it easier to render realistic 3D scenes without having to learn OpenGL.

Port iPad Apps to Mac with Xcode 11 Effortlessly

Have you ever said: “this iPad App would be great on the Mac”?

Before Xcode 11, the only way to accomplish that was to have two separate code bases, one for iPad, and one for Mac. This came with its entire set of issues to maintain, and expand your app.

Now, you can bring your existing iPad App to the Mac, sharing the same project and source code delivering your app to an audience of over 100,000,000 Mac users.

First you will need to make sure your app is a good candidate. If your app’s essential features require iPad capabilities like gyroscope, accelerometer or rear camera, iOS frameworks like HealthKit or ARKit it might not be suited for the Mac.

To get started, all you need to do is select Mac in the deployment info section of your project (this will only work if you have support for iPad).

Top 5 trends in healthcare technology

A recent  article published by New York Times claimed that a deep learning algorithm was able to screen for lung cancer with 94% accuracy. The system was even able to match and sometimes even beat, 6 expert radiologists who were part of the study. This news might sound sensationalist for most outsiders, but for people in the Healthcare industry, it is a sign of the changing times. The industry is moving from products and services model to a solutions model. Preventive care and improving patient experience would be the focus of innovation as we go into the future and technology will play a huge role in accomplishing it. The future of healthcare lies in comprehensive healthcare platforms, big data and healthcare analytics.

Future of automation in transportation & logistics industry – are we there yet?

Like many other industries, the transportation and logistics industry is poised to grow exponentially with the advancements in technologies. As the latest technologies are redefining traditional business models, they must adapt themselves to stay ahead of the competition. According to Mckinsey, many operations will be automated by 2030, as artificial intelligence takes over the many repetitive activities that logistics companies perform. With endless possibilities in machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, and IoT, enterprises are looking at automation to streamline logistics on a global scale.

Digital transformation in retail: Transform or Perish

Digital technologies have disrupted many traditional business models, by transforming or creating a whole new business model. Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Alibaba, etc. are some of the best examples for the early disrupters who paved the way for new digital business models, thanks to digital disruption/ transformation. However, if we take the retail industry, it is not yet fully digitized, except for some early adopters. In the coming years, many key players would be embracing digitization and the trend will reshape the industry.

With advancements in technologies, availability of real-time data and analytics, retail industry will be transformed to meet consumer preferences as they evolve. Unlike the old days, the consumer has access to the product or service information and different purchase options. Online purchases have elevated the customer experience with more personalization. According to IDC Research, by 2020, at least 55% of all organizations will become digital with new business models and digitally enabled products and services.

Redefining Recruitment Through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Hiring and recruiting the right talent has always been a challenge for enterprises across the globe irrespective of the size, industry, or brand value. With flourishing markets and blooming job opportunities, HR professionals are flooded with resumes and it has become an arduous task managing them. Earlier days, recruiters used to manage the entire process manually stacking cabinets with resumes they receive over a period.  As the resume information expires quickly, sorting & shortlisting manually slows down the whole hiring and recruitment process.

Resume parsing was introduced to simplify the recruitment process using automation, by leveraging Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing. It helps HR professionals intelligently manage resume information, by removing the headache of manually handling each resume. Incorporating resume parsing helped enterprises streamline the entire recruitment process, helping them hire the right talent for the right job efficiently.

How Technology Is Changing The Face Of NEMT Industry?

Millions of people all around the world, who somehow miss medical care due to lack of transportation services, they can experience a significant improvement in terms of medical transportation with the help of NEMT (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation) services. Digitally integrated NEMT services reduce barriers to healthcare transportation.

The Current NEMT Industry: With Traditional Technology

As being one of the vital components of the healthcare system in the USA, annually US$5 million is spent by Medicaid and other health plans to provide the NEMT benefits which include the transportation of patients to and from doctor’s appointments, dialysis centers, and other healthcare visits. Every year, the NEMT network covers nearly 104 million trips. The demand for the service is increasing with the rise in the elderly population and life expectancy rate. The surge in the total revenue of global healthcare transportation certainly indicates the expansion of the industry.

Mobile Ticketing App: The Future Of Smart Travel Transportation

Before getting into the intricacies of the topic, let me ask you a question. How far is your phone at this very moment? I’m sure it is somewhere within your reach. Or more than likely, you must be reading this blog on your phone. Most probably it’s the latter.

For most of us, smartphones are an inseparable part of their daily lives. Well, why shouldn’t it be? Smartphones are helping us with a great significance as an interactive technology medium in every routined activity. This trend has also taken a strong foothold in the transport industry. The mobile ticket booking solutions are providing more convenient ways for passengers to pay and travel. These smart solutions work as a single point of contact for all the transit mediums providing more capacity, better revenue and enhanced personalized journeys.

5G Mobile Technology: A Game Changer In Healthcare Industry

Gone are the days when unwell people were bound to travel to a hospital or a doctor to receive healthcare. This used to be troublesome and time-consuming for many people. But,  thanks to technological advancement in the healthcare sector, health can be monitored remotely at the patient’s comfort from home through advanced facilities.

However, this has its drawbacks too. It often increases congestion and slows down the network speed. As a result, both healthcare service providers who handle a lot of patients daily and the patients who wait due to delayed assistance get badly affected.

Mobisoft Infotech – Your Right Tech Partner

In today’s competitive world, it’s very important to have a strong grip over yourself – Be it personally or professionally.If you are running or currently a part of a business and have to not only sustain but also grow in the market, then the only way is your conscience, persistence and adaptability to change.

Being a business owner you definitely cannot be a “one man army” and you need a pool of equally passionate team members to take your business to the next level. This team performs a significant role in envisioning and achieving the company goals & common objectives. Be it excelling at what you are doing already or foreseeing the bigger opportunities and threats coming your way, it’s imperative to keep your contingency plan ready.

Do You Think Urban Air Mobility will Redefine Traffic Congestion?

Innovative technology advancements in the transportation industry will make urban mobility more accessible shortly. World-leading companies, as well as well-funded startups, are working on promising technology that will reshape the way people move or deliver goods from one place to another in cities.

What we have seen in recent times is that the transportation industry is going through a remarkable phase of technology advancements, serving smart mobility options for people. We have seen ridesharing services like bus, rail or flight ticket booking services, automated driverless cars, magnetic trains, autonomous trucks, and soon, we will experience the Urban Air Mobility service too. This smart air mobility service is the solution to the growing traffic congestion problems and increasing demand for mobility options. Smart mobility solutions enable people and goods to move conveniently using technology, which is faster and less expensive compared to traditional mobility alternatives.

Techniques To Improve Highly In Demand NEMT Business

Scaling graph of the missed medical appointments due to the lack of suitable transportation channels exhibits the pressing need for NEMT. The aging population and invalid people irrespective of age are guaranteed customer base which assures strong chances of success in the NEMT industry.

The consistent patterns and service requirements are stating the need for NEMT. The huge demand in the present would be soaring further in the future. It ensures that the present time is the most congenial to start NEMT business with proper planning, patience, and prompt action.

Transform Fuel Filling Experience With On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Consistent growth in technology and innovations has automated a lot of things around us. Vehicle booking, hotels, food ordering, appliance installation, we are surrounded by on-demand apps. One such innovation in the on-demand economy is fuel delivery app. The application conveniently delivers fuel at your doorstep and saves a run to the gas station before leaving for your destination.

The growth in on-demand economy, has taken the app store by storm, with numerous on-demand apps focused on various services. On-demand fuel app, or say Uber for Gas is another similar technological innovation in the industry. With the uberification in every field, including automobile, retail, media, hospitality, the market is witnessing a surge in demand for the development of fuel delivery app.

Top 25 Apps That Everybody Needs on Their Apple Watch

Do you know your wearable, the Apple watch, can become your fitness buddy? All thanks to the success that this smartwatch has been received for the last few years, there are numerous apps for this, aimed to improve your health and well being.

So what makes these Apple watch apps stand ahead of other fitness apps? Their functionality. They are designed to make your life from the minute you wake up till the time you go to sleep easier than ever. They help you become a better version of yourself, leading an organized lifestyle.

How Enterprise Mobility Management is Shaping the Modern Healthcare Industry?

Healthcare is an evolving industry that continuously needs to meet the challenges of quality of care and improving patient outcomes. In such a complex industry, the need for something that provides access to data at the point of care is crucial. In this regard, Enterprise mobility management or EMM solutions have become a sort of necessity for modern healthcare organizations.

Not only do EMM solutions offer the right data at the right time, but they also pack other powerful features to facilitate and improve healthcare. In this post, we are going to explore how enterprise mobility management helps healthcare providers. We will also go over the healthcare data security implications and how EMM solutions can protect your organization. First, a few words on EMM components.

How Often Should You Update A Mobile App?

Congratulations on launching your new app. You are making many people happy in the world by solving their problems. And heck, maybe some extra revenue is flowing in as a byproduct of your goodwill.  

But wait. Customer feedback is coming out in the dozens. Your app review on Apple is sitting at a 3.6.  Why so low you wonder? A comment reads: It keeps freezing whenever I try to click a button. Another comment says: Where’s the GPS support?

What gives?  You thought you had thought of everything.